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What is it called when people move to the city?
a) Urbanized
b) Rural
c) Migration
d) Movement

What do you do when you show or represent something?
a) Misrepsent
b) Distort
c) Depict
d) Twist

What is it called when you make changes?
a) Convey
b) Commit
c) Use
d) Conform

If water is polluted by oil it has been what?
a) Filtered
b) Contaminated
c) Filtered
d) Natural

What is it called when water is supplied to farmland?
a) Irrigation
b) Dehydration
c) Desalination
d) deforstation

What are non-renewable resources formed over millions of years?
a) Forest
b) Urbanization
c) Fossil Fuels
d) Arable

Land that is good for planting crops called _____.
a) Farmable
b) Unproductive
c) Arable
d) Barren

The process of removing salt from water is called _______.
a) Deforstation
b) Depleted
c) Desertion
d) Desalination

What is thick, dark oil found under the earth's surface?
a) Jelly
b) Petroleum
c) Fossil
d) Contaminated

What are materials that comes directly from nature?
a) Natural Resources
b) Human Resources
c) Capital resources
d) Fake Resources

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