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Time out:
a) Is an effective way to punish a child so he/she will know that what they did was wrong.
b) Is supervised and gives a child a chance to calm down and regain control of him/her self before rejoining class activates.
c) Does not fit with the Mazel Day School discipline policies and should not be used.

What should I do when a student arrives more than 5 minutes late?
a) Have them wait outside the classroom until the next lesson so that they don’t disturb in middle.
b) Mark the child as late and let them into class after they receive a late note from the office.
c) Give the child a warning and let them into class.
d) Call the parent to find out reason for tardiness.

If a parent is more than 10 minutes late for pickup, I am:
a) No longer responsible for their child.
b) Responsible to contact parent and bring their child to aftercare where he/she will wait until the parent arrives.
c) Responsible to send the child upstairs to aftercare and make sure they tell their parent where they will be waiting.

School starts at:
a) 8:30 for all grades
b) 8:00 for all teachers and 8:15 for all students
c) 8:15 for Middle School, 8:45 for lower School and 9:00 for Kindergarten
d) 8:45 for Middle School 9:00 for Lower School and Kindergarten

When there is a fire drill, I should:
a) Panic and frighten students so they know the severity of the situation.
b) Lead my class calmly and at steady pace to our assigned stairway and out the building, counting them on the way.
c) Use common sense and get my students out the fastest way I can like I would in a real emergency.
d) Calmly gather my students in a single file line and wait for further instructions from the office.

If a child gets a minor injury I should:
a) Treat it with the first aid/ ice pack as needed, fill out an ouch report and inform parent that all is OK, BEFORE dismissal.
b) I should make sure to tell the parent about it when the child is picked up from school.
c) Call the office and have them take care of the injury so that all the proper steps are done.

How can I show a parent that I am listening and care about a problem they are sharing?
a) Parents obviously know that I am listening to them, after all their child is my student!
b) Think of a solution to the problem right away and share it with the parent.
c) Validate what they are saying, and empathize with them.

A child should not be in school if:
a) Less then 24 hours have passed since the last time they had an episode of fever/vomiting/infection and is being treated.
b) He/She is not well enough to participate in outdoor activities
c) He/She has any contagious viruses.
d) All options

Teachers should speak to parents:
a) Only when there are arranged parent teachers conferences.
b) In a formal setting and only when an important situation comes up.
c) Often, keeping them updated with positive comments and feedback to create a trusting relationship between teacher and parent.

Staff dress code is:
a) Mandatory. It helps me choose modest and professional looking attire to wear to work.
b) Optional tips that make it easier to choose outfits in the morning.
c) One of the ways we ensure that all teachers are looked at as equals.
d) Optional suggestions to help all Mazel staff dress modestly and professionally.

If a conflict arises between me and a fellow staff member I should:
a) Let it go, and hope it doesn’t come up again.
b) Remember that the Principles have an open door policy and I can talk it out in a professional, private manner.
c) Speak about it with some of the other staff in school- venting always helps a bit.

Since we are a Private School, in what way are we held accountable for the quality of the education we are giving?
a) We are registered with NYS Department of Education, and participate in standardized testing programs which help us evaluate.
b) Each teacher is assessed by the NYS Department of Education in the beginning, middle and end of the year to track progress.
c) We are not. It's therefore very important that our staff is self motivated and know the importance of giving proper education

Dry, abstract textbook learning has no place in our classrooms.
a) True
b) False
c) Mostly true but sometimes important to have dry textbook learning because it can make things very clear.

Besides for the Hebrew and Russian that we include in our curriculum, it is also important for us to:
a) Make sure the students only converse in English to keep their Russian and English vocabulary even.
b) Help our students build good English language and communication skills that will help them succeed in their future education.
c) Incorporate other languages so that students will be prepared to comfortably go out into world wherever their life will lead.

Our School moto:
a) “Instilling a love for learning and the joys of Judaism”
b) “Believe, Work, Achieve”
c) “Learn, Grow, and be the best you can be.”

Our discipline goal at Mazel Day School is to teach the children....?
a) How to read Hebrew and have a strong Jewish identity.
b) Have manners and respect while gaining a high level education.
c) The “life skills” – social, behavioral, midos, etc. that will enable them to be good students, good friends and good people

When are you allowed to administrate medication?
a) When the student informs me that she will faint if I don't give him/her medication.
b) If I left a voicemail on the parents phone informing them of what I will be doing.
c) If I received verbal authorization from the parent or they child has a form in the office that allows that medicine.

Teachers must be in school how long before their class session begins, and how are my absences and lateness calculated?
a) 10 minutes prior to my class. Absences are calculated from my personal calendar I keep.
b) 15 minutes prior to my class. Absences are calculated based on the time clock so I must remember to check in.
c) 25 minutes prior to class. Absences are calculated based on my memory.

What are a teacher's responsibilities before being absent?
a) Find a sub, get the sub approved by the office, inform your parents and have lesson plans and class info ready.
b) Find a sub and notify the office.
c) Prepare my lesson and class info and enjoy my vacation.

Homework is assigned for all the reasons below except…?
a) So that parents can be involved in child's learning experience by trying out some of the work.
b) To review skills learned in class
c) To teach kids to keep their work nice and neat even at home.
d) For students to practice working independently.

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