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This is a step in the social scientific method
a) Do your own study without taking other literature into consideration.
b) Travel for research
c) Speak to people
d) Draw conclusions

I said this on our first class
a) History is only an extra class that is not important
b) History is about studying and learning it all by heart
c) History is understanding our past to help build our future
d) History is boring

Our topic is set in the ____ century
a) XVI
b) XIV
c) XX
d) XIX

The XIV century is during these years
a) 1401-1500
b) 1301-1400
c) 1801-1900
d) 1201-1300

Which of these steps is not in the scientific method?
a) Formulate Hypothenuse
b) Observe
c) Formulate hypothesis
d) Design research method

What makes social sciences change all the time
a) Time
b) Weather
c) Climate change
d) People

This problem we didn't mention in class
a) People who feel empty without their cellphone
b) People who are making a place insecure
c) People who don't have jobs
d) People who are hungry

It is an area of study related to human behavior and society
a) History
b) Politics
c) Social studies
d) Chemistry

A problem by which people can't trust their government
a) Social inequality
b) Corruption
c) Poverty
d) Lack of education

When people don't have jobs they're more likely to become
a) Happy people
b) Atheists
c) Poor
d) Anarchists

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