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If an accident occurs in the laboratory, you should
a) clean up the mess.
b) clean up and never tell your teacher.
c) tell your teacher after you clean up the mess.
d) tell your teacher immediately.

Technology can have a(n) ____________ impact on society.
a) positive
b) negative
c) positive or negative
d) only positive and no negative

Scientific claims _______ need to be supported by persuasive evidence.
a) do
b) don't
c) could
d) won't

A scientist should always balance open-mindedness with ___________.
a) creativity.
b) enthusiasm
c) skepticism.
d) origionality

__________ is grouping together items that are alike in some way.
a) Inferring
b) Classifying
c) Observing
d) Predicting

Good preparation helps you stay _________ when doing science activities.
a) safe
b) cool
c) hot
d) comfortable

The different ways in which scientists study the natural world is called.
a) Inferring
b) Classifying
c) living things
d) scientific inquiry

Life science is the study of ___________.
a) technology.
b) living things.
c) science inquiry.
d) animals.

When you explain or interpret the things you observe, you are making a(n) __________.
a) classification.
b) definition.
c) Inference.
d) decision.

A refrigerator is an example of _____________.
a) technology.
b) data.
c) inference.
d) observation.

What is a possible safety hazard in the field?
a) safety hat
b) safety gogles
c) good preparation
d) bad weather

Which is the best way to prepare for a lab?
a) Carefully read the steps to the lab
b) Do the lab without telling the teacher
c) Use the lab supplies to create your own experiment
d) Just go with the flow

How people change the world around them to solve practical problems is called __________.
a) data
b) pollution
c) inference
d) technology

A scientists reputation for truthfulness is his or her _____________.
a) skepticism
b) open-mindedness
c) credibility
d) prediction

Scientists communicate their research so that other scientists can ____________.
a) repeat the experiment
b) attend a scientific meeting
c) stay healthy
d) ridicule them

When you draw a conclusion from an experiment, you ask yourself whether the data ___________________.
a) form a scientific theory
b) support or disprove the hypothesis
c) define a particular term
d) form a scientific law

What is a possible explanation for a set of observations?
a) classification
b) variable
c) operational definition
d) hypothesis

Making a forecast of what will happen is called ______________.
a) predicting
b) classifying
c) observing
d) inferring

Using one or more of your senses to gather information is called _____________.
a) classifying
b) observing
c) predicting
d) inferring

What is a way of learning about the natural world?
a) Skepticism
b) Making models
c) Science
d) Genetics

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