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What is an independent variable?
a) variable you change in order to find out what will happen
b) variable affected by changes in the independent variable
c) group that is exposed to change in the independent variable
d) step-by-step plan for an experiement

The fake pill or medicine taken by members of a control group is a
a) placebo
b) hypothesis
c) double-blind experiment
d) variable

What describes data?
a) a possible explanation for an observation
b) a collection of information
c) a process designed to answer a question
d) a summary of experiment results

What is the first step in the scientific method?
a) forming a hypothesis
b) asking a question
c) conducting a controlled experiment
d) looking for more support

What must occur for a hypothesis to be considered fully proven?
a) Newspapers must report the event
b) Public opinion must agree with the results
c) Other scientists must repeat the experiment and get the same results
d) There must be specific number of controlled experiements

What form do we use to write hypotheses?
a) control-test
b) question-answer
c) yes-no
d) if-then

In a double-blind test, the non-control group receives a
a) hypothesis
b) new medicine
c) control
d) placebo

Why is a placebo used in double-blind drug test?
a) to prevent people from having side effects from the drug
b) to keep the cost of the experiment down
c) so that people will think they are getting the medicine but are not
d) so that the effects on people in two different groups can be compared

In a controlled experiment, scientists investigate a single
a) placebo
b) control
c) variable
d) cell

A hypothesis is a(n
a) kind of placebo
b) experiment
c) analysis of test results
d) tentative explanation for an observation

The scientific method is a(n)
a) series of steps scientists use to answer questions and investigate problems.
b) experiment done using two variables
c) way of dividing test subjects into two groups with one group getting a placebo
d) way to divide cells during reproduction

Galileo was an Italian scientist who helped to develop the
a) placebo effect
b) scientific method
c) cannon
d) Leaning Tower of Pisa

A student wants to test how the concentration of phosphorus in a fertilizer affects plant growth. In designing this experiment the independent variable would most likely be the...?
a) amount of phosphorus used per plant
b) height each plant grows after given fertilizer
c) type of each plant used.
d) type of phosphorus used.

A student designs an experiment to determine how surface type affects the amount of force needed to roll a ball 20 meters. What is the independent variable?
a) the lengths of the surfaces
b) the force needed to roll the ball
c) the type of surfaces used
d) the type of ball chosen

What is a control group?
a) group used as a standard of comparison in an experiement
b) group exposed to changes in the independent variable
c) variable you change in order to find out what will happen
d) variable affected by changes in the independent variable

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