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dormant; not active
a) inappropriate
b) unprepared
c) unclear
d) inactive

cannot be understood the wrong way; clear
a) unclear
b) unmistakable
c) unfriendly
d) unnoticable

can't be seen
a) unclear
b) incoherent
c) invisible
d) unpreditictable

a) exactly what you thought would happen
b) not knowing what will happen
c) knowing what will happen
d) not what you thought would happen

a) having limits
b) beyond limits
c) having no limits
d) exceeding limits

not able to do something
a) uncooperative
b) incapable
c) unable
d) inactive

a) strange
b) friends
c) neighbors
d) classmates

unbearable; can't take it
a) indiscriminate
b) intolerable
c) inclined
d) inadvicable

a) normal; common
b) mistakable
c) usual
d) rare; not the usual

a) not considered a good idea
b) a good idea
c) highly recommended
d) not enough information

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