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Translate: Voy al medico mañana
a) I go to the doctor tomorrow.
b) I´m going to the doctor tomorrow.
c) I´m going to go to the doctor tomorrow.
d) I will go to the doctor tomorrow.

Translate: Creo que abrobaré el examen.
a) I think I will pass the exam.
b) I think I´m passing the exam.
c) I think I will pass the exam.
d) I think I pass the exam.

Translate: Javi vive en Irlanda desde hace cuatro años
a) Javi is living in Ireland since 4 years.
b) Javi lived in Ireland for 4 years.
c) Javi lives in Ireland for 4 years.
d) Javi has lived in Ireland for 4 years.

Translate: Cuadno llegue a casa, voy a ver la televisión.
a) When I get home, I watch TV.
b) When I get home, I´m going to watch TV.
c) When I get home, I will watch TV.
d) When I get home, I watching TV.

John is on holiday. He ___________________ (go) to Italy.
a) has gone
b) has went
c) has been
d) has go

I can´t find my bag. Somebody __________________ (steal) my bag!
a) stole
b) steal
c) has stolen
d) stolen

You use these to walk.
a) legs
b) eyes
c) hands
d) knees

You drink coffee from this.
a) plate
b) bowl
c) cup
d) spoon

You can kick a football with this.
a) hand
b) arm
c) stomach
d) foot

The flight to London ____________________(leave) at 10:45
a) leaves
b) leave
c) will leave
d) is leaving

Translate: ¿Qué hace Owen? ´Es profesor´
a) What does Owen do? He´s a teacher
b) What is Owen doing? He is a teacher
c) What does Owen? Teacher
d) Where is Owen? He´s a professor.

Translate: ¿A qué hora te has levantado?
a) What time are getting up you?
b) What time did you get up?
c) What time you get up?
d) What time did you gets up?

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