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What are the classifications in order?
a) Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Species, Genus, Order, Family, Class
b) Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
c) Kingdom, Domain, Class, Order, Genus, Family, Species, Phylum
d) Species, Domain, Genus, Order, Class, Family, Phylum, Kingdom

Cellular repiration takes place in...
a) plants only.
b) animals only.
c) both plants and animals.
d) only occurs on the moon in it's ozone layer.

What is a benefit of vaccination for viruses?
a) body cells mutate and create new strains of the virus.
b) The disease is completely eliminated.
c) vaccinated individuals would spread the virus to others.
d) the risk of getting the disease is greatly reduced.

What do xylem and phloem do?
a) they are what makes the plant taller
b) they are how a plant transport food and water
c) they are the first plants to every be born, a plant ancestors.
d) they are twin eggs used in the production of genetic clones.

How does recycling help the environment?
a) recycling makes solid waste.
b) recycling uses energy
c) recycling produces air pollution.
d) recycling conserves mineral resources

When it is very cold, you shiver, this is an example of:
a) oxygen regulation
b) homeostasis
c) respiration
d) stimulus

What is the best description of the following: HH
a) double letters
b) homozygous dominant
c) homozygous recessive
d) heterozygous

Why are scavengers important to an ecosystem?
a) they cause the decay and break down dead tissue by decomposing it.
b) they hunt herbivores making it better for plants.
c) they produce sugar by using their chloroplasts.
d) they feed on dead animals and recycle the biological materials back into the environment.

What is a major factor of Global Warming?
a) increased burning of fossil fuels
b) increase in the number of green plants
c) decreased number of carbon dioxide in the air
d) decreased awareness about fossil fuel benifits.

Strawberries reproduce by means of runners, each grows a new plant identical to the parent. Which of the following best describes what is happening?
a) sexual reproduction
b) mutation
c) asexual reproduction
d) the strawberries are decomposers

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