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Document the officially ended the American Revolution
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Treaty of Paris 1783
c) Constitution
d) Treaty of Versailles

Enlightenment thinker who wrote about the meaning of Natural Rights
a) Thomas Hobbes
b) Rene Descartes
c) Karl Marx
d) John Locke

Leader of the U.S. that replaced Roosevelt during WWII; made decision to use atomic weapon
a) Washington
b) Wilson
c) Truman
d) Johnson

Economy in which government controls the means of production, and decides what will be produced and for whom
a) Market
b) Command (communism)
c) Mixed
d) Traditional

Type of economy where production is privately owned; consumer demand decides what will be produced and for whom
a) Command
b) Traditional
c) Mixed
d) Market (capitalist)

Written in England in 1215; first set of written rights for Englishmen. Inspired later documents detailing rights for citizens
a) Magna Carta
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Constitution
d) Declaration of the Rights of Man

Event that started in England; when goods started being made in factories by machines on a large scale
a) American Revolution
b) mercantilism
c) Industrial Revolution
d) Columbian Exchange

Group formed after World War II to avoid another World War; goal was to resolve conflict throughout the world and other security functions
a) League of Nations
c) Axis Powers
d) United Nations

Document written after the American Revolution that would be the offical set of rights and laws for the U.S.
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Constitution
c) Magna Carta
d) Articles of Confederation

Time period in the U.S. after WWI when the stockmarket crashed, banks failed, and the economy collapsed
a) Revolution
b) Recessison
c) The New Deal
d) Great Depression

Leader of the Patriots/Continental Army during the American Revolution
a) George Washington
b) Samuel Adams
c) Paul Revere
d) John Adams

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