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Basics Of The Water Cycle And Water Resources. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

When liquid water turns to vapor due to heating this is called
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) gas producation
d) water where did you go

What is the part of the water cycle that produces liquid water from the clouds?
a) precipitation
b) condensation
c) cloud potty time
d) evaporation

Clouds are formed from which process?
a) condensation
b) cloud factory
c) evaporation
d) precipitation

Most of the water on Earth is
a) salt water
b) fresh water
c) lake water
d) wet water

Which of the following is a type of water pollution?
a) oil spill
b) people swimming in the ocean
c) fish waste
d) sand from the beach

Which of the following is a source of water from the ground?
a) aquifer
b) lake
c) reservoir
d) rainfall

Someone that uses a well to get water needs to be close to the
a) water table
b) clouds
c) barn on a farm
d) store

One of the reasons for water depletion is
a) overuse
b) too much rain
c) taking short showers
d) increase in clouds

Most of the freshwater on Earth is used for
a) agricultural purposes
b) making water balloons
c) taking a bath
d) drinking

The process of removing salt from saltwater to make freshwater is known as
a) desalination
b) salt be gone
c) freshwater magic
d) desalting

About 68% of this water is used as freshwater on Earth.
a) groundwater
b) surface water
c) poland spring water
d) oxygen rich water

The practice of using crops that can adapt to dry condition thus not using too much water is known as
a) xeriscaping
b) dry rot plots
c) plant spacing
d) air drying

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