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If smooth peas are dominant over wrinkled peas, the allele for smooth peas should be presented as:
a) W
b) S
c) w (lowercase)
d) s (lowercase)

D, dimples is the dominant allele to the recessive allele, d, no dimples. THe probability of parents with Dd and dd having a dd child is:
a) 1/8
b) 1/4
c) 1/2
d) 1

The unknown genotype of an indiidual with a dominant phenotype can be determined using a
a) a ratio
b) a dihybrid cross
c) probability
d) a test cross

Genetic engineers can make plants
a) resistent to insects
b) more tolerant to droughts
c) that are adapted to different soils
d) all of the above

The process by which isolated populations of the same species become new species is called
a) speciation
b) reproductive isolation
c) genetic variation
d) natural selection

What are anatomical structures that share a common ancestry?
a) analogous structures
b) evolutionary structures
c) homologous structures
d) vestigial structures

In which category are two members most closely related?
a) class
b) family
c) genus
d) order

Which of the following situations describes a carnivore and an herbivore?
a) a horse eats an apple
b) a rabbit eats a dandelion
c) a mountain lion eats a rabbit
d) a fungus breaks down a dead oak tree

What term applies to most humans?
a) Omnivore
b) Carnivore
c) Detrivore
d) Herbivore

Both a spruce tree and a hemlock tree require nitrogen from the soil, what is the interaction between these two species?
a) competition
b) commensalism
c) mutualism
d) succession

Seeds helped plants adapt to life on land by
a) providing nourishment for embryoes
b) protecting embryos from air pollution
c) sprouting during unfavorable weather
d) limiting the dispersale of plant offspring

Which of the following is a factor that contributes o heart attacks and strokes?
a) unmanaged stress
b) regular physical activity
c) avoiding cigarette smoke
d) diet high in unsaturated fats

The ________ are involved in excretion
a) kidneys and stomach
b) liver and pancreas
c) pancreas and kidneys
d) kidneys and lungs

Which of the following functions is a role that mucous membranes play in the immune system?
a) causing blood clots
b) secreting mucous which traps pathogens
c) actiating helper t cells
d) producing antibodies

HIV can be contracted by
a) sexual contact
b) mosquito bites
c) shaking hands
d) vaccination only

Flu vaccines are given each year because:
a) influenza is caused by bacteria
b) very few memory cells are produced
c) influenza viruses mutate often
d) macrophages cannot engulf flu viruses

Feral Cats
a) can increase in number rapidly if not controlled
b) are cute and want to be cuddled
c) are disgusting creatures that kill children
d) are owned by many people

Which of the following exhibits bias?
a) Rabbits can produce 20-30 offspring per year
b) Native plants are being outcompeted by invasive plants in some areas
c) I love willow trees and know that everyone should plant one in their backyard
d) Willow trees need a greater amount of water than oak trees

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