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The distance from one wave crest to the next is the:
a) Crest
b) Wavelength
c) Period
d) Interval

Electrons have a _________________charge
a) Negative
b) Neutral
c) Positive
d) Happy

Which of the following use momentum:
a) Football players
b) Downhill skiers
c) Golfers
d) All of the above

A hammer utilizes which simple machine?
a) Lever
b) Ramp
c) Inclined Plane
d) Wheel and Axle

Which of the following is not included in Physical Science?
a) Physics
b) Chemistry
c) Engineering
d) Zoology

The quantity 5.85 X 10^4 m is equivalent to
a) 5850000m
b) 58500m
c) 5840m
d) 0.000585m

A 4.00 kg crowbar's mass is measured several times. Which set of measurements is precise but not accurate?
a) 3.5 kg, 2.5 kg, 4.5kg
b) 3.55kg, 3.58kg, 3.56kg
c) 3.99kg, 4.02kg, 4.00kg
d) 4.0kg, 4.2kg, 3.9kg

Which of the following is a compound?
a) Sodium, Na
b) Chlorine, Cl
c) Iodine, I
d) Water, H20

A stone will sink in water because a stone is:
a) is less dense than water
b) is denser than water
c) is denser than air
d) a heterogeneous mixture

Force is equal to:
a) mass times acceleration
b) mass divided by acceleration
c) pressure divided by area
d) work times time

True or False. There is only one correct way to draw the periodic table of the elements
a) True
b) False

According to the modern model of the atom,
a) moving electrons form an elctron cloud
b) electrons and protons circle neutrons
c) neutrons have a positive charge
d) the number of protons an atom has varies

In any chemical equation, the arrow means
a) equals
b) is greater than
c) yields

Which of the following chemical equations is balanced?
a) Fe+O2 ---Fe2O3
b) Ca+SbCl3----Si + sb +3CaCl2
c) 3CuCl2+2Al----- 2AlCl3 + 3Cu
d) CS2+ 2O2-----CO2 + SO2

If you jog for 1 hour and travel 10 kilometers, 10km/h describes your
a) momentum
b) average speed
c) displacement
d) acceleration

If a track athelete runs an 800 m race at a constant speed of 2 m/s, how long will it take her to run the race?
a) 6.7 min
b) 16 min
c) 26.7 min
d) 400 min

Automobile seat belts are necessary for safety necause of a passenger's
a) weight
b) inertia
c) speed
d) gravity

The newton is a measure of
a) mass
b) length
c) force
d) acceleration

According to Newton's third law, when a 450 N teacher stands on the floor, that teacher applies a force of 450 N of the floor and
a) the floor applies a force of 450N on the teacher
b) the floor applies a force of 450 N on the ground
c) the floor applies a force of 450N in all directions
d) the floor applies an undetermined force on the teacher

Scissors are an example of
a) a lever
b) a wedge
c) a wheel and axle
d) a compound machine

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