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Why was signing the Declaration of Independence a dangerous act?
a) Britian viewed those who signed it as traitors.
b) There was a chance not many people would sign.
c) It was an agreement with King George III.
d) Those who signed it belonged to no country.

What was a Patriot?
a) colonist opposed to British rule.
b) British soldier oppposed to British rule over the colonies
c) colonists who argeed to British rule
d) British soldier who agreed to British rule over the colonies

Which of the following was NOT one of the Intolerable Acts?
a) The colonists had to pay a tax on British Imports.
b) The colonists has to feed and house British soldiers.
c) The port of Boston was closed.
d) Massachusetts was put under the control of a British general.

Which of the following caused the Intolerable Acts
a) Boston Tea Party
b) Boston Massacre
c) Committees of Correspondence
d) First Continental Congress

How did the Boston Tea Party express the views of many colonists?
a) It showed the colonists strongly protested the tea tax.
b) It showed that many colonists did not like to drink tea.
c) It showed many colonists supported the Mohawk Indians.
d) It showed that the tea woudl remain in Boston.

Which of the following best describes teh purpose of the Committees of Correspondence?
a) share news among the colonies
b) train express riders
c) keep in touch with Britian
d) unite the colonies in friendship

What did the Daughters of Liberty do to support the boycott of British goods?
a) made tea and wove cloth
b) gave speeches adn drew political cartoons
c) gave speeches and attended rallies
d) handed out pamphlets and posters

Who organized the Sons of Liberty?
a) Samuel Adams
b) Patrick Henry
c) Mercy Otis Warren
d) Benjamin Franklin

What was the effect of Britiash taxation on the colonies as a whole/
a) They started to unite as Americans.
b) They became more divided.
c) Many paid for British support.
d) Many colonists returned to Britain.

Why was Paine's book Common Sense convincing to many people?
a) It was easy to understand.
b) It was a legal document.
c) It proposed a peaceful solution.
d) It predicted defeat of the Americans.

Which battle started the American Revolution?
a) Battle of Lexington
b) Battle of Concord
c) Battle of Bunker Hill
d) Battle of Breed's Hill

Why did the British impose the Stamp Act and the Townshend Acts on the colonists?
a) Britain needed money.
b) The king wanted the colonists to return to Britian.
c) Britian thought colonists were too rich.
d) Britian wanted to give money to the colonists to expand their cities.

Which Patriot warned of the British attack?
a) Paul Revere
b) John Adams
c) John Hancock
d) George Washington

Which event took place FIRST?
a) Paul Revere captured
b) Battle of Concord
c) Battle of Lexington
d) British retreat to Boston

Which battle began with the shot heard round the world?
a) Lexington
b) Concord
c) Bunker Hill
d) Breed's Hill

Which brief battle forced the British to retreat to Boston?
a) Concord
b) Bunker Hill
c) Breed's Hill
d) Lexington

What is one reason the British decided to march to Lexington?
a) to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock
b) to sneak up on sleeping colonists
c) to convince the colonists to stop protesting
d) to spy on colonists and their plans

No taxation without
a) representation
b) consultation
c) Parliament
d) tea

Who said give me liberty of give me death?
a) Patrick Henry
b) George Washington
c) Paul Revere
d) Colonel Prescott

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