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One reason alternative energy sources are needed is because ____. c. d.
a) the supply of fossil fuel is diminishing
b) the population of the world is decreasing
c) there is no limit to the supply of fossil fuels
d) the energy needs of the world are decreasing

Geothermal power plants get their thermal energy from which of these?
a) volcanoes
b) magma
c) lava
d) earthquakes

Renewable organic matter, such as wood and rice hulls, are examples of ____.
a) nuclear fuels
b) biomass
c) fission products
d) fossil fuels

disadvantage of using hydroelectricity is ____.
a) it is nonrenewable
b) equipment corrosion
c) it causes air pollution
d) it can disturb natural ecosystems

Water that flows due to the gravitational forces among Earth, its Moon, and the Sun has energy referred to as ____.
a) tidal energy
b) geothermal energy
c) hydroelectricity
d) solar energy

Electricity produced by falling water is called ____.
a) tidal energy
b) geothermal energy
c) thermodynamics
d) hydroelectricity

The type of fossil fuel that forms from the remains of fernlike plants is ____.
a) uranium
b) coal
c) crude oil
d) natural gas

____ is a renewable organic matter that can be burned in the presence of oxygen to convert chemical energy to thermal energy.
a) Hydroelectricity
b) Biomass
c) Hydrocarbon
d) Petroleum

Petroleum, natural gas, and coal are the three kinds of ____.
a) synthetic fuels
b) nuclear waste
c) fossil fuels
d) nuclear fuels

What do hydroelectric dams, tidal energy, and wind energy systems have in common?
a) hot air
b) turbines
c) generators
d) steam

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