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document that describes the type of competition a business will face and the types of customers the business hopes to attract
a) management plan
b) legal plan
c) financial plan
d) operating plan

document that projects the income, expenses, and profits of a business over a multi-year period
a) operating plan
b) legal plan
c) financial plan
d) management plan

The written description of all aspects of an agribusiness
a) legal plan
b) management plan
c) financial plan
d) business plan

The time between the beginning of a process or project and the appearance of its results:
a) cost per click
b) lead time
c) benefit
d) spot advertisement

A tv advertisement placed on one station in one market
a) spot advertisment
b) benefit
c) lead time
d) cost per click

a technique for deciding if an advertisement should be placed and for how long
a) spot advertisement
b) lead time
c) cost benefit anaylsis
d) benefit

the total of the product cost plus the markup
a) selling price
b) price skimming
c) loss leader
d) price point

placing a high price on a product because of a lack of competition
a) price point
b) revenue
c) selling price
d) price skimming

the total amount received from the product sales
a) price point
b) revenue
c) selling price
d) loss leader

What are two goals of product packaging?
a) protection and restraint
b) marketing and sales
c) none of the above
d) both a and b

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