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Who did Juliet's family THINK she was crying about?
a) Mercutio
b) Romeo
c) Tybalt
d) Benvolio

On Monday, what decision does Capulet make regarding Juliet's future?
a) Juliet will marry Paris in 3 days
b) Juliet will date Paris for a while
c) Juliet can marry Romeo
d) Juliet is kicked out and cut off

Why reasons does Nurse give for Juliet to marry Paris?
a) He's more handsome than Romeo
b) Her marriage with Paris will be happier than with Romeo
c) Juliet will never see Romeo again
d) All of the above

What lie does Juliet tell her parents to get out of the house and go see Friar?
a) She needs to pray for Tybalt's soul
b) She needs to go to Confession for her sins against her father
c) She needs to see Friar about some herbs

What is Juliet's fall back plan if Friar can't find a solution to her problem?
a) She can run away
b) She can kill herself
c) She can become a nun

What does Capulet threaten Juliet with if she doesn't marry Paris?
a) He will throw her out
b) He will throw her in jail
c) He will find someone new for her to marry

Why is Juliet really crying in her room?
a) Tybalt has been murdered
b) Tybalt's killer still lives
c) Romeo has been banished from Verona forever
d) Romeo almost died

What solution does Lady Capulet come up with to help Juliet in her grief over Tybalt's death?
a) Lady Capulet will help Juliet bury Tybalt
b) Lady Capulet is sending a hitman to Mantua to kill Romeo
c) Lady Capulet has found Romeo and will let Juliet kill him

Why is Paris wanting to marry Juliet so quickly?
a) He wants to get her away from Romeo ASAP
b) They think Juliet is crying too much and they think this will make her happy again
c) Paris has been courting Juliet for a long time and she's finally agreed to marry him

What night is Juliet originally supposed to take the poison drink?
a) Monday
b) Tuesday
c) Wednesday
d) Thursday

What day were Paris and Juliet originally to be married?
a) Tuesday
b) Wednesday
c) Thursday
d) Friday

Where will Juliet wake up after the poison wears off?
a) Her room
b) The family tomb
c) Buried alive
d) On a boat

What is Juliet afraid may happen if she wakes up in the tomb alone?
a) She may suffocate
b) She'll hear the ghosts crying
c) She'll have to bash her head in with a skull to keep from going insane
d) All of the above

Who's the first to find Juliet 'dead'?
a) Nurse
b) Paris
c) Lady Capulet
d) Lord Capulet

When Juliet is going to talk to Friar, she tells Paris, I will confess to you that I love him. Who is she talking about?
a) Friar
b) Lord Capulet
c) Romeo
d) Paris

What does Juliet take to bed with her, just in case the poison doesn't work?
a) A knife
b) A gun
c) A sword

What day has Lord Capulet moved the wedding to, now that Juliet has agreed to marry Paris?
a) Tuesday
b) Wednesday
c) Thursday
d) Friday

Friar tells Juliet many things will happen to her body when she takes the poison. Which of the following is NOT one of those things?
a) She'll stop breathing
b) She won't be able to move
c) Her skin will seem like it's rotting
d) Her eyes will shut

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