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Which best describes the characteristics of a river basin?
a) the land drained by a river and its tributaries
b) the land formed when rivers create estuaries and marshes
c) the land at the mouth of a river where water flows into the ocean
d) the land formed as a result of a river flooding

Which factors can have the greatest effect on the health of a river system?
a) type of soil and salinity
b) nitrate levels and turbidity
c) human consumption and pH
d) natural disasters and tidal changes

In the United States, which is responsible for ensuring the safety of the country’s drinking water?
a) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
b) Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
c) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
d) Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Which statement best describes the Law of Superposition?
a) Each sedimentary layer of rock represents 1,000 years of Earth’s age, much like the rings of a tree.
b) In undisturbed layers of sedimentary rock, the upper rock layers are older than the lower rock layers.
c) In undisturbed layers of sedimentary rock, the lowest layers contain the older rocks.
d) Rocks that form near volcanoes are older than surrounding rock

What do earthquakes tell scientists about the history of the planet?
a) Earth’s climate is constantly changing
b) The continents of Earth are continually moving
c) Dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago
d) The oceans are much deeper today than millions years ago.

How do scientists know that some mountains were once at the bottom of an ocean?
a) Freshwater rivers flow to the ocean.
b) Saltwater fish are found in some mountain streams.
c) Dinosaur bones have been discovered in the mountains.
d) Marine fossils have been found on the peaks of some mountains.

Malaria is a common disease in many countries. What is the cause of this disease?
a) a virus
b) a bacterium
c) a fungus
d) a parasite

How can the rate of an infectious disease be drastically reduced?
a) by taking medication daily
b) by preventing transmission between people
c) by wearing clean clothing daily
d) by performing dental hygiene three times each day

What is involved in creating genetically modified bacteria?
a) allowing them to reproduce freely
b) changing their food source
c) using biotechnology techniques
d) growing them on selected plants

In a food pyramid, which best explains why the number of organisms decreases from one trophic level to the next?
a) Consumers at the lower level require more energy than the top-level consumers.
b) Consumers at the top level require more energy than the lower-level consumers.
c) The consumers are feeding on larger organisms that have less energy.
d) The consumers are feeding on smaller organisms that have less energy.

What process is most responsible for the extinction of most species of plants and animals that have lived on Earth?
a) gene mutation
b) environmental changes
c) selective breeding
d) decrease in reproduction

Which would indicate that a series of fossils represent the evolution of the horse?
a) All of the fossils were found in the same layers of rocks as horse fossils.
b) All of the fossils are completely identical to horse bones
c) All of the fossils show similar structures to that of the modern horse.
d) All of the fossils were located in the same place on Earth as horses

A strawberry farmer finds that, after a hard freeze, some of his strawberries are still alive. Which best explains why these strawberries were able to survive?
a) They have larger leaves to protect the fruit than the other strawberries
b) They have different genetic variations that cause them to be more resistant to cold temperatures.
c) They are able to reproduce more quickly than the other strawberries.
d) The color of the strawberries is darker, and they maintain their temperature better than other strawberries.

Which food provides the most energy for the body in the shortest amount of time?
a) potato
b) meat
c) milk
d) fruit

Why is protein an important part of a healthy diet?
a) It is needed to change glucose to energy
b) It is needed to store nutrients.
c) It is needed to repair tissue
d) It is needed to produce water.

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