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A shape has _________ dimension(s).
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

The part of a picture closest to the front of the picture plane and to the viewer is called __________.
a) Background
b) Negative space
c) Foreground
d) Positive space

A type of paint that is transparent and mixes with water is called:
a) Tempera
b) Acrylic
c) Watercolour
d) Oil

A ______ line changes direction gradually.
a) Curving
b) Horizontal
c) Verical
d) Zigzag

Balance, rhythm, movement, proportion, emphasis, unity, variety as a group are called the _________________
a) Elements of Art
b) Basics of Art
c) Ethics of Art
d) Principles of Art

In geometry _____ is defined as an infinite series of points.
a) Sphere
b) Cylinder
c) Cone
d) Line

This term means very still, not moving.
a) Static
b) Fixed
c) Active
d) Blatant

Line, shape color, value, texture, space, and form as a group are called the___________
a) Principles of Art
b) Elements of Art
c) Basics of Art
d) Ethics of Art

Select the neutral colours from the lists below:
a) Blue, Red, Yellow, and Orange
b) Yellow, yellow-orange, yellow-green, and red
c) Black, White, Gray, and Brown
d) Black, Red, White, and Silver

When mixing blue and yellow together, the resulting colour is:
a) Green
b) Violet
c) Red
d) Pink

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