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For the *good* (benefit, betterment) and interest of everyone is the _______
a) common good
b) volunteer
c) nonprofit
d) making money

If you are a VOLUNTEER, you
a) work for money
b) do work without getting paid any money
c) work for you uncle
d) work for the government

A NONPROFIT group _________
a) sells goods for profit
b) makes money for only one person
c) is a group or company that does not make a profit
d) benefits only one person

Julie works _______________ by always picking up litter.
a) for Doctors Without Borders
b) to make lots of money
c) only for herself
d) for the common good.

Alex ____________ to feed his neighbors cat even though he doesn't get paid.
a) volunteers
b) doesn't want
c) uses building materials
d) votes

______________ sent workers to clean up the flood.
a) Habitat for Humanity
b) The Red Cross
c) Cold Noses, Warm Hearts
d) Doctors Without Borders

Good citizens DO NOT ____________
a) vote
b) obey laws
c) litter
d) act for the common good

You can work to improve your community by _____________
a) moving away.
b) singing American songs.
c) littering.
d) getting involved.

Helen Keller ___________ even though she was deaf and blind.
a) worked for equal rights.
b) did not travel
c) became the president
d) helped build houses

Volunteers are good citizens because ______________.
a) they tell others about their work
b) they work for the common good.
c) they make a lot of money
d) they become famous

Habitat for Humanity serves communities by ______________.
a) helping the President
b) sending doctors and nurses to help people
c) building homes
d) working for equal rights

_________________ helps communities during disasters.
a) The American Red Cross
b) Habitat for Humanity
c) A for-profit company only
d) Helen Keller

________________ helps people build their homes.
a) Helen Keller
b) The American Red Cross
c) Doctors Without Borders
d) Habitat for Humanity

Doctors Without Borders _______________________.
a) are volunteer doctors and nurses
b) doctors without homes
c) home builders
d) people who were hurt by earthquakes

What is one way students should NOT resolve conflicts in school?
a) Talk and listen to all sides
b) Fight and yell
c) Get an adult to help
d) take turns

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