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The Greek belief that everyone should strive for excellence in thought and action is called
a) arete
b) heroism
c) Nike You can DO IT
d) Heroic

The city that dominated early Greece and unified the Greeks in language and religion was
a) Athens
b) Sparta
c) Mycenae
d) Minoans

Since the Egyptian ruler was also a religious figure, the Egyptians had which form of government?
a) theocracy
b) autocracy
c) democracy
d) Oceanocracy

What were the name of rulers in Egypt called?
a) Quarterbacks
b) emperors
c) pharaohs
d) kings

The Egyptian farmers were more fortunate than the farmers of Mesopotamia because
a) The Nile frequently deposited silt for the crops; the rivers of Mesopotamia didn’t.
b) The Nile flooded at regular intervals; the rivers in Mesopotamia flooded irregularly.
c) The ground was more fertile
d) They had rich mansions

Why were the Egyptians able to build a rich civilization?
a) they had a good trade system
b) Because they made pyramids.
c) they had good pharaohs
d) Because the Nile River gave the people a system of irrigation

Prior to living in the city-states, the people of Mesopotamia were
a) farmers
b) city people
c) hunters and gatherers
d) always at war

1. In Mesopotamia, one of Sumeria’s environmental challenges it had to overcome was
a) Nile and Ganges Rivers
b) Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
c) Nile and Amazon
d) Mississippi and Hudson

1. In Mesopotamia, one of Sumeria’s environmental challenges it had to overcome was
a) unpredictable flooding
b) hurricanes
c) drought
d) Too many pizza places to choose from

Which of the following was characteristic of Mycenaean culture?
a) short lived
b) domination of surrounding flood plains
c) time of peace
d) earthquakes

What two civilizations fought in the Trojan War?
a) Athens vs Sparta
b) Trojans vs Greeks
c) Persians vs Sparta
d) Ocean vs Neptune

Who was Odysseus?
a) leader in the Greek army at the Battle of Troy
b) A poet who wrote about the Trojan War
c) A God the soldiers of Troy prayed to
d) Principal of Ocean Intermediate School

Which sentence best describes education in Sparta?
a) Children studied government and architecture
b) Both boys and girls went to philosophy school
c) Children studied sculpture and painting
d) Both boys and girls got military training

What was an advantage that Greece had over the Persians?
a) better strategy
b) more people
c) fierce navy
d) military training schools

To defeat the Persians at Marathon, the Greeks made use of
a) strong navy
b) narrow pathway
c) phalanx structure
d) guns

What was an important result of the Persian wars?
a) prevented the fall of Greece
b) destroyed the city of Sparta
c) destroyed the city of Ocean
d) destroyed the city of Athens

What was Alexander’s goal for his empire?
a) To make Athens the biggest capital city
b) To make Sparta the biggest capital city
c) To bring different cultures under one government
d) To keep peace

Alexander built cities to
a) spread culture
b) have a place for captured slaves
c) increase his wealth
d) to have many homes around the world

Who was the famous ruler of Rome who expanded its empire at great lengths?
a) Cleopatra
b) Pompey
c) Julius Caesar
d) Marc Anthony

What did the Romans do with the land and people they conquered?
a) destroyed it
b) built roads and cities
c) made the people slaves
d) made the people learn the language and fight in the Roman Army

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