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A keynote is a number or letter that is used with a leader and arrowhead to identify a specific object; it usually appears in _____.
a) the upper left-hand corner
b) block letters
c) a square or circle
d) the upper right-hand corner

A dimension is a measurement written as a _____.
a) range
b) symbol
c) number
d) letter

To avoid confusion, the letters I, O, and Q and the numbers 1 and 0 are omitted from the _____.
a) gridline system
b) NTS drawings
c) title block
d) contour lines

Plans used for work that has to do with construction in or on the earth are called _____ plans.
a) architectural
b) exterior
c) structural
d) civil

Gridlines are used to _____.
a) make it easy to refer to specific locations on the plan
b) indicate a cross-section of material
c) indicate that an object has been broken off
d) indicate land boundaries on the site plan

The identification of lines and other symbols on a construction drawing is called the _____.
a) scale
b) title block
c) legend
d) index

Break lines are used to show that _____.
a) an object is hidden
b) an object is not included on the cutting line view
c) only part of an object is represented to save space
d) an object will appear in a separate drawing

In the alphabet of lines, an area not included in the cutting line view is shown with _____.
a) break lines
b) section cuts
c) object lines
d) dimension lines

To clarify any discrepancies in the plans, the foreman should use a(n) _____.
a) index
b) RFI
c) title block
d) legend

On the drawing, a project is identified by the _____ found in the title block.
a) sheet title
b) company logo
c) legend
d) scale

Site plans are developed using a(n) _____.
a) 1/4 = 1,-0 scale
b) engineer's scale
c) architect's scale
d) NTS scale

The architect,s scale is used for drawing _____.
a) floor plans
b) plot lines
c) cut lines
d) specifications

To clarify information that cannot be shown on the drawings, the architectural and engineering firm will prepare _____.
a) a change order
b) contracts
c) a proposal
d) specifications

The material to be used for the walls would be found on the _____ plan
a) structural
b) mechanical
c) civil
d) plumbing

Information about the structure or assembly is provided in the _____.
a) legend
b) title block
c) drawing area
d) border

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