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When everyone in the company understands the value of a safe work environment, _____.
a) labor costs increase
b) the experience modification rate increases
c) a safety culture is created
d) productivity declines

Charred sections of a welding hose close to the torch may be caused by _____.
a) flare-up
b) flashback
c) slag
d) flash burn

Which of the following must be included with every shipment of a hazardous substance and made available to workers on the job site?
b) PPE
c) ANSI standards

A measure of the probability, consequences, and exposure related to an event is referred to as _____.
a) evaluation
b) safety
c) risk
d) hazard

Benching systems cannot be used in _____.
a) Type C Soils
b) Type B Soils
c) Type A Soils
d) solid rock

The activity that consists of breaking a job into its component tasks and then analyzing each step for potential hazards is called a _____.
a) hazardous incident simulation
b) job safety analysis
c) safety pre-assessment
d) safety breakdown structure

When gas welding or burning, welders are required to wear tinted goggles or welding hoods with a filter lens of not less than a _____ shade
a) No. 8
b) No. 4
c) No. 10
d) No. 2

The D-ring or support point on a safety harness should be placed _____.
a) around your waist
b) in the middle of your back
c) between your shoulder blades
d) over your rib cage

To test the integrity of rubber-insulated gloves, _____.
a) use a multi-tester and measure resistance from the thumb tip to the glove,s gauntlet
b) trap air in the glove, squeeze, and check for weaknesses, thin areas, and small air leaks
c) measure the length of each finger and ensure that each has stretched no more than 10%
d) in a darkened area, shine a flashlight into the glove and check for light leakage

Compared to direct costs (medical bills) resulting from an accident, studies have shown that indirect costs are _____ direct costs.
a) almost eighty percent
b) two to seven times that of
c) half as much
d) roughly equal to

A person who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards and has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate such hazards is a _____ person.
a) competent
b) proficient
c) eligible
d) qualified

Which of the following will NOT protect against brief exposure to dangerous gases or fumes?
a) full facepiece mask with chemical canisters
b) self-contained breathing apparatus
c) supplied air mask
d) half mask or mouthpiece with a mechanical filter

CFR 1926 protects a worker's rights by requiring employers to maintain _____ for 30 years after they leave the job.
a) OSHA Form 300s
b) medical records
c) health insurance claims
d) annual performance reviews

With every power tool, use an assured ground program or _____.
b) approved concealed receptacle
c) power strip
d) safety switch

One aspect of the mission of OSHA is to _____.
a) provide legal representation for injured workers
b) provide services for families of workers who were killed in jobsite accidents
c) protect the health of Americans while at their jobs
d) underwrite health insurance benefits for American workers

What is the best way to protect yourself when working near moving vehicles and equipment?
a) Have a signaler direct your movements.
b) Wear a reflective or high-visibility vest.
c) Set up reflective flags around your work area.
d) Ensure that a qualified person is on the job site.

When stepping off a ladder onto a platform or roof, the top of the ladder should extend above the point where the ladder touches the platform or roof by at least _____.
a) 3 feet
b) 5 feet
c) 2 feet
d) 4 feet

The highest safe standing level on an extension ladder is the _____ rung from the top.
a) fourth
b) third
c) second
d) fifth

Which of the following data is included on a material safety data sheet for a hazardous shipment?
a) Expiration date of the substance
b) Manufacturer,s recommended product substitutes
c) Net weight criteria for packaging the container
d) How to contact the manufacturer of the substance

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