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a) nunca
b) siempre
c) a veces
d) usualmente

a) sometimes
b) always
c) never
d) rarely

a) a veces
b) ocasionalmente
c) siempre
d) nunca

a) usually
b) ocassionally
c) rarely
d) often

a menudo
a) often
b) usually
c) frequently
d) often

todos los dias
a) everyday
b) all day
c) never
d) nope

de vez en cuando
a) often
b) frequently
c) once in a while
d) usually

twice a week
a) dos veces a la semana
b) una vez a la semana
c) tres veces a la semana
d) a veces

una vez al año
a) three times a year
b) twice a year
c) once a year
d) once a month

tres veces al dia
a) three times a year
b) three times a month
c) three times a week
d) twice a day

i play soccer (never)
a) i play soccer never
b) i never play soccer
c) i play never soccer
d) never i play soccer

she is sick( always)
a) she is sick always
b) always she is sick
c) she is always sick
d) she always is sick

she will love you (always)
a) she will love you always
b) always she will love you
c) she will always love you
d) she always will love you

i don't go to the gym(always)
a) i don't always go to the gym
b) i don't go to the gym always
c) i always don't go to the gym
d) i dont go always to the gym

how often do you play soccer?
a) never i play soccer
b) i play soccer never
c) i never play soccer
d) i play never soccer

How often do you cook?
a) good
b) bad
c) bad
d) bad

ask a question with how often
a) good
b) bad
c) bad
d) bad

what is the correct one?
a) how often play you soccer?
b) how often play soccer?
c) how often soccer play?
d) how often do you play soccer?

she /cooks/always/meat/
a) she always cooks meat
b) she cooks meat always
c) she cooks always meat
d) always she cooks meat

ask a question with how often
a) good
b) bad
c) bad
d) bad

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