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Which of the following was the main teaching of the Sophists?
a) so-called power derives from truth
b) truth is power
c) so-called truth is subservient to power
d) goodness is the ultimate virtue

Which of the following is the belief that knowledge is determined by the observer?
a) individualism
b) ethnocentrism
c) sophistry
d) relativism

Who said that Man is the measure of all things.
a) Thrasymachus
b) Protagoras
c) Callicles
d) Socrates

The Socratic problem concerns which of the following?
a) the fact that Socrates himself wrote nothing philosophical
b) Socrates' obnoxious personality and tendency toward deceptive practices
c) the difficulty of reconciling Socrates' teachings with the fact that he was not a very good husband
d) recently discovered evidence that Socrates never existed at all

The Socratic method begins with which of the following assumptions?
a) the function of education is to draw the truth out of the student
b) the function of education is to fill an empty vessel
c) each individual has his or her own truth
d) students are initially dishonest and need to be disciplined before they are ready to learn

What did Socrates say about the unexamined life?
a) The unlived life is not worth examining.
b) The unexamined life is fitting for only the simplest of souls.
c) The unexamined life is rarely worth living.
d) The unexamined life is not worth living.

Socrates thought that the first step toward wisdom was which of the following?
a) occured without our knowledge, in a kind of sleep
b) varied from individual to individual
c) an honest admission of our present ignorance
d) couldn't occur until the individual has suffered either great failure or great success

According to Socrates, all evil is caused by which of the following?
a) weakness of will
b) ignorance
c) human nature
d) rational thought

Socrates used which of the following to communicate on more than one level?
a) irony
b) illustrations
c) drama and music
d) magic

A vital aspect of the Socratic dialectic was which of the following?
a) group involvement in which everyone voted on the best solution to a philosophical problem
b) the pursuit of the main issue of the day until it was solved
c) the active involvement of the audience
d) energetic lecturing

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