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Match The Word That Is Most Closely Associated With The Choices. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

• disease that killed many • spread from Asia to Europe through trade • caused labor shortages
a) Justin Beiber
b) Bubonic Plague
c) Small Pox
d) Large Pox

• rebirth of Greek Roman ideas • secular (worldly, not religious) • focused on individuals
a) Enlightenment
b) Scientific Revolution
c) Crusades
d) Renaissance

• traveled across Asia to China • increased interest in China Asia • journals are important primary sources
a) Stalin and Hitler
b) Matt Genaway and Tye Deuel
c) Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta
d) Genghis Khan and King Leopold

• started as eastern half of Roman Empire • Justinian Code: written laws • preserved Greek and Roman culture
a) Nazis
b) Ancient Egypt
c) Greek Empire
d) Byzantine Empire

• Chinese belief system based on filial piety • superior cares for inferior, inferior honors superior • led to social order and civil service exams in China
a) Confucianism
b) Buddhism
c) Taoism
d) Animism

• time when humans domesticated plants animals • people settled in fertile river valleys to farm • led to early civilizations in river valleys
a) Paleolithic Age
b) Neolithic Revolution
c) Cultural Revolution
d) French Revolution

exchange of goods ideas between societies
a) Cultural Diffusion
b) Mercantilism
c) Socialism
d) Imperialism

Western military alliance against Soviet Union during the Cold War
a) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
b) Warsaw Pact
c) Allied nations
d) Axis Powers

• Gorbachev's economic political reform of Soviet Union • led to breakup of Soviet Union
a) Five-Year Plan and Cultural Revolution
b) Mercantilism and Communism
c) New Economic Policy and Four Modernizations
d) Glasnost and Perestroika

Stalin's attempts to increase Soviet industrial and agricultural output
a) The Great Leap Forward
b) Cultural Revolution
c) Five-Year Plans
d) New Economic Policy (NEP)

Both defeated in Russia by climate (winter)
a) Stalin and Lenin
b) Mao and Genghis Khan
c) Napoleon and Hitler
d) Mike Alvut and Kyle Perl

• nationalist who led Indian independence movement • nonviolence • civil disobedience • boycotts
a) Ataturk
b) Gandhi
c) Tylor Klien
d) Stalin

nationalist who westernized, modernized, democratized, secularized Turkey
a) Muhammed
b) Gandhi
c) Saddam Hussein
d) AtaTURK

• militarism • alliances • imperialism • nationalism
a) Cause of World War I
b) Cause of World War II
c) Cause of Russian Revolution
d) Cause of 100 years war

Japan westernized, industrialized, modernized
a) Boxer Rebellion
b) Glasnost
c) Meiji Restoration
d) Gupta Empire

attempts to remove foreign influence
a) Meiji Restoration
b) Reason for Japanese imperialism
c) Sepoy Mutiny and Boxer Rebellion
d) Cause of World War I

• private ownership of businesses • government stays out of economics • supply and demand determines prices
a) Communism
b) Laissez-Faire
c) Despots
d) Athens

• based on Scientific Revolution • use of reason • natural rights (like life liberty) • John Locke • consent of the governed (democracy)
a) Laissez-Faire
b) Enlightenment
c) Absolute Rulers
d) Genghis Khan

• protest against Catholic corruption call for reforms • Martin Luther's 95 Theses argued against selling indulgences
a) Crusades
b) 100 Years War
c) Protestant Reformation
d) Columbian Exchange

• trans-Saharan trade • traded salt and gold
a) Bantus
b) West African Kingdoms (Ghana, Mali, Songhai)
c) Incas
d) South Africans

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