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What is the difference between potential and kinetic energy?
a) Potential energy is the energy of an object due to its position, while kinetic energy is energy due to its motion.
b) Potential energy is the energy of an object due to its motion, while kinetic energy is energy due to its position.
c) Potential is the energy of an object due to an applied fore, while kinetic is energy stored after the applied force.
d) Potential is the energy stored after an applied fore, while kinetic is the energy used from the applied force.

You have a wind-up toy dog. When the key is wound or turned, the toy will move. When would the wind-up toy have the greatest potential energy.
a) before it is wound up
b) after it is wound
c) while it is in motion
d) when it has come to a stop

In a gasoline-powered car, chemical energy from gasoline is transformed to make the car move. The motion of the car is what form of energy?
a) radiant energy
b) nuclear energy
c) electrical energy
d) mechanical energy

Mr. Askew watches an orange fall from a tree to the ground. Which best describes the flow of energy as the orange falls and hits the ground?
a) solar energy - potential energy - heat energy
b) potential energy - sound energy - heat energy
c) kinetic energy - potential energy - sound energy
d) potential energy - kinetic energy - sound energy

In gym class a student kicks a soccer ball high into the air. As the ball goes upward, which type of energy is increasing?
a) kinetic
b) thermal
c) potential
d) mechanical

A roller coaster is climbing up the highest hill on its track. At which point will the front car of the coaster most likely have its greatest potential energy?
a) at the bottom of the highest hill
b) at the top of the highest hill
c) at the start of the track
d) at the end of the track

As the velocity of a runner increases, which type of energy also increases?
a) kinetic
b) potential
c) chemical
d) electrical

What does the mechanical energy of a system include?
a) the sum of the potential and kinetic energy
b) the difference of the potential and kinetic energy
c) only the kinetic energy
d) only the potential energy

Which best represents the use of mechanical energy?
a) a light bulb giving off heat
b) a candle providing light
c) a nail being hammered
d) a can rusting

The sound made by crickets occurs when the male cricket rubs its two hind legs together. Which type of energy transformation results in the sound made by crickets?
a) sound energy to thermal energy
b) thermal energy to chemical energy
c) mechanical energy to sound energy
d) mechanical energy to chemical energy

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