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A person who is either Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, or Buddhist would be a part of a ____
a) Ethnic Group
b) Religious Group
c) Democracy
d) School

South African civil rights activist who became president
a) De Klerk
b) Mandela
c) Gandhi
d) Ho Chi Minh

South African president who officially ended Apartheid
a) De Klerk
b) Mandela
c) Gandhi
d) Ho Chi Minh

What did ethnic groups in Nigeria fight over after gaining independence?
a) Name of the country
b) Color of the flag
c) National Anthem
d) Unequal wealth

Movement to develop unity among African people to solve common problems
a) Apartheid
b) Pan-African Movement
c) Anti-Semitism
d) Imperialism

Why does unsafe water hurt economies in Africa?
a) The water can't be used in factories
b) Workers aren't healthy to work
c) They have to spend a lot of money to clean the water
d) It has no effect

Why do few people live in the Sahara?
a) Lack of resources
b) Too far from cities
c) Too many animals
d) Not enough water

The grassland region of the Sahel is decreasing due to what?
a) Deforestation
b) Desertification
c) Earthquakes
d) Too much rain

Splitting of family groups and conflicts between different groups are two problems with what?
a) Partitioning or artificial borders
b) Apartheid
c) Suffrage
d) Nationalism

What does poor soil and deforestation make farmland in Africa?
a) Rich and fertile
b) Dry and unusable
c) Watery and muddy
d) Turns it into overgrown jungle

Who was in charge of South Africa after it gained independence from England?
a) Mandela
b) De Klerk
c) White Minority
d) All People

What does an increase in literacy rate do to the skill level of human capital?
a) Makes skill level of human capital lower
b) Makes skill level of human capital higher
c) Skill level of human capital stays the same
d) Literacy rate has no effect on human capital

What was the result of the nationalist movement in Nigeria and Kenya?
a) Indepedence
b) Spread of AIDS
c) Illiteracy
d) Famine

What is desertification?
a) The cutting down of trees without replanting them
b) A loss of quality over time
c) The process of the desert expanding due to overuse and drought
d) An extreme lack of rainfall

Apartheid is
a) the belief that the Jewish people are inferior
b) another word for command economy
c) System where a country needed to have colonies that provided wealth and power
d) the system of segregation in South Africa that existed until the 1990s

A group that share a common belief in god or gods is a ……
a) Ethnic group
b) Religious group
c) citizen
d) ruler

Group that shares language, physical appearance, and customs is a …..
a) Ethnic group
b) Religious group
c) citizen
d) ruler

Region of Africa that's mainly grassland, with many animals, and few trees
a) sahel
b) savana
c) sahara
d) atlas mountains

Traditional African religious beliefs say ________ are important in daily life.
a) Priests
b) Temples
c) Ancestors
d) Rituals

What is imperialism?
a) The legal separation of the races in South Africa
b) The belief that the Jews were inferior
c) Another word for command economy
d) System where a country needed to have colonies that provided wealth and power

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