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Which of the following was a result of the other three?
a) growth of intense nationalism
b) outbreak of WWI
c) formation of alliances
d) imperialism

At the outbreak of W.W.I in 1914, most Americans believed that
a) their country should stay out of the war
b) sending direct aid to Russia was necessary
c) the government should be more concerned with the conditions in Europe
d) the government should declare war on Germany

A major reason the United States began to seek colonies during the late 1890’s was that the
a) Monroe Doctrine required such action
b) Cold war rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union increased
c) United States was becoming overpopulated
d) Expansion of American industry made obtaining new markets and resources desirable

Many of the changes in the United States position in the world in the early 1900’s were the result of
a) Open Door Policy
b) Dollar Diplomacy
c) Big Stick Diplomacy
d) Spanish American War

Which of the following is most responsible for the widespread popularity of the Spanish-American War?
a) The sensationalist stories published in large newspapers.
b) The economic importance of the Caribbean
c) The strategic reasons for having colonies in the Pacific.
d) The cultural similarities between the United States and Spain.

President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points were proposals that he believed would bring about
a) The containment of Communism
b) a just and lasting peace
c) A reduction of US military involvement in world affairs
d) The spread of democracy

The term Imperialism means
a) domination of one country by another
b) using a powerful navy to protect trade
c) fighting a war as a result of political differences
d) making profit from trading with another country

A primary aim of the United States Open Door Policy was to
a) to protect United States trading interests in China
b) develop China's industry
c) introduce democratic government to China
d) encourage Chinese immigration to the United States

Which headline best reflects the idea of Imperialism?
a) Supreme Court Bans School Segregation
b) President Roosevelt Meets with Russian Leaders
c) President McKinley Announces US Occupation of the Philippines
d) The United States to Buy Japanese Cars

Which of the following best reprsents the reason why the US Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles and membership in the League of Nations
a) United States involvement in future European conflicts and wars
b) to promote dmeocratic principles
c) to stop the spread of Communism
d) loss of trade with China

Which of the following population changes occurred during WWI?
a) European immigration to the US increased greatly
b) Competition for city housing forced many Americans to move to the country
c) African Americans migrated from the South to northern cities to fill factory jobs
d) Large numbers of German Americans were deported

Which incidents helped to bring about America’s entrance into WWI
a) the sinking of merchant and passenger ships killing American citizens
b) The assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand
c) A German attack on the United States
d) The blockade of Allied ports

At the beginning of W.W.I, President Woodrow Wilson continued the traditional foreign policy of the United States by
a) refusing to allow trade with either side fighting
b) asking Congress to declare war on Germany
c) adopting a policy of neutrality
d) sending troops to aid Britain and France

After W.W.I, most Americans wanted the United States to follow a foreign policy of
a) remaining involved in overseas affairs
b) supporting the League of Nations
c) using United States military forces to maintain peace in Europe
d) non-involvement in world affairs

The role of women changed as a result of World War I mainly because
a) Women were accepted into universities for the first time
b) Large numbers of women served in the armed forces
c) Greater job opportunities became available to women
d) Many women were sent to relocation centers

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