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Which part of speech is a person, place, thing or idea?
a) verb
b) pronoun
c) noun
d) adjective

Which of the following words is a preposition?
a) always
b) him
c) between
d) is

What does a compound sentence include?
a) A subject and a verb.
b) At least 2 independent clauses and one dependent clause.
c) At least 1 independent clause and at least 1 dependent clause.
d) Two independent clauses connected with a coordinating conjunction.

What is it called in which commas separate extra information added to the subject?
a) annotation
b) appositive
c) adjectives
d) salutation

What does the prefix uni mean?
a) not
b) always
c) one
d) do again

Which of the following sentences is in passive voice?
a) The sweet melody was sung by Emily.
b) John ate the hamburger.
c) The sun melted the ice cream.
d) John is eating the hamburger.

Which of the following words are an interjection?
a) over
b) um and ouch
c) hello
d) forever

Which part of speech is the word running in the following sentence: The running water dripped from the faucet.
a) adverb
b) pronoun
c) onomatapoeia
d) adjective

Which of the sentences are an example of a complex sentence?
a) I love cheese, and I love eggs.
b) Although I like California, I like Kentucky too.
c) While I like to sleep, I like to eat ,and I like to play soccer too.
d) I like cheese.

Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
a) Its so cool.
b) My dogs paw is injured.
c) Chris' favorite subject is math.
d) The light, blue car is so fast.

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