Shakespeare. A First Approach Question Preview (ID: 25303)

You Will Have To Answer To Ten Basic Questions On Shakespeare's Life And Work. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Who played Romeo in the most recent film version of ‘Romeo and Juliet'?
a) Johnny Depp
b) Leonardo DiCaprio
c) Brad Pitt
d) Antonio Banderas

Which type of plays did Shakespeare not write?
a) Comedies
b) Tragedies
c) Musicals
d) Histories

What's the name of the ‘Shakespeare theatre' in London?
a) The Old Shakespeare Theatre
b) The World Theatre
c) The Globe Theatre
d) The Hamlet Theatre

What period in English history was it when Shakespeare was alive?
a) Georgian
b) Victorian
c) Great War
d) Elizabethan

How many plays did Shakespeare write?
a) 37
b) 7
c) 107
d) 97

When was William Shakespeare born?
a) 1895
b) 1564
c) 1498
d) 1745

Which of these plays was not written by Shakespeare?
a) The Alchimist
b) Hamlet
c) Romeo and Juliet
d) Othello

Where was Shakespeare born?
a) Oxford
b) Cambridge
c) Stratford Upon Avon
d) London

Who was Shakespeare married to?
a) Ana Boleyn
b) Mary Stuart
c) Elizabeth II
d) Anne Hathaway

When did Shakespeare die?
a) On 10th March 1616
b) On 10th March 1626
c) On 23rd April 1616
d) On 23rd April 1626

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