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What is the relationship between the distance between galaxies and the speed at which they are moving apart?
a) There is no correlation
b) The farther apart they are the slower they are moving away
c) The farther apart they are the faster they are moving away
d) The relationship is too complex for high school students to understand

How can scientist know that the Universe was incredibly hot when it first expanded?
a) CMB radiation
b) The red shift
c) The blue shift
d) The electromagnetic spectrum

What happens to the length of waves in front of a moving source?
a) They are unaffected by the movement
b) They are deformed
c) They are lengthened
d) They are shortened

What does a red Doppler shift indicate about the movement of the wave source?
a) It is moving in circles
b) It is moving closer
c) It is moving farther away
d) It is standing still

Which color of visible light has the longest wavelength?
a) red
b) blue/violet
c) orange
d) green

What is contained in a singularity?
a) All matter
b) All energy
c) All time
d) All matter, energy, and time

What evidence supports the idea tht a small point expanded to the current size of the universe?
a) The heat of the universe
b) The continued movement of galaxies away from one another
c) The abundance of hydrogen and helium
d) Cosmic microwave background radiation

What was the universe like in the beginning?
a) A huge mass of hydrogen and helium
b) A mass of light
c) An infinitely small, hot, dense point
d) The Universe is unchanging and was as it is now

How long ago did the Universe begin?
a) 13.7 billion years ago
b) 4.6 billion years ago
c) The Universe has no beginning and no end.
d) There is no evidence to determine the age of the Universe.

What is the apparent change in wavelength of sound or light caused by motion of the source?
a) Hubble's Law
b) The Big Bang
c) CMB
d) The Doppler Effect

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