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In-text citations are required for _______. (APA 6)
a) short quotations only.
b) long quotations only.
c) short quotations, long quotations, and summary or paraphrase.
d) quotations that are 40 words are longer.

Proper nouns should always be __________. (APA 6)
a) lower case
b) upper case
c) no case
d) capitalized

How many characters should an abstract have? (APA 6)
a) 50 to 60 words
b) 150 to 250 words
c) 100 to 300 words
d) 40 to 150 words

The page header format is __________________. (APA 6)
b) RUNNING HEAD: Title of Your Paper
c) Running head: Title of your paper
d) Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER

What is the font point size? (APA 6)
a) 9
b) 10
c) 12
d) 11

What are the components of the title page? (APA 6)
a) Title and authors name
b) Title, authors name, and date
c) Title, authors name, and institutional affiliation
d) Title, authors name, institutional affiliation, and authors notes

What font is used for essays? (APA 6)
a) Arial
b) Brush Script
c) Broadway
d) Times New Roman

What line spacing should your essay have? (APA 6)
a) Double Spacing
b) Single Spacing
c) No Spacing
d) Triple Spacing

How many sections should an essay contain? (APA 6)
a) 2
b) 4
c) 3
d) 5

What is the first section of an essay? (APA 6)
a) Introduction
b) Abstract
c) Title Page
d) Reference

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