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Which of the following ended World War I, created the League of Nations, and placed all blame for the war with Germany?
a) mandate system
b) Versailles Treaty
c) reparations
d) communism

Which of the following explains why Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated?
a) capitalism
b) industrialization
c) Balkan nationalism
d) Versailles Treaty

Which of the following meant that one country had to repay the Allies for damages from World War I?
a) reparations
b) mandate system
c) urbanization
d) imperialism

Which of the following is the belief that people should be loyal to their country rather than a king or an empire?
a) imperialism
b) militarism
c) industrialism
d) nationalism

Which of the following ended with the defeat of Austria-Hungary at the end of World War I?
a) Qing dynasty
b) Hapsburg dynasty
c) Romanov dynasty
d) Ming dynasty

After World War I, Germany lost all of its territories in Africa and the Pacific under the ____________________.
a) urbanization
b) the mandate system
c) Romanov dynasty
d) industrialization

Which of the following are formal agreements or treaties between two or more nations that contributed to the rapid escalation of a local event into World War I?
a) alliances
b) reparations
c) Treaty of Versailles
d) Young Turks

During World War I, Which of the following ended with the assassination of Csar Nicholas II?
a) Qing dynasty
b) Romanov dynasty
c) Hapsburg dynasty
d) Ming dynasty

Which of the following was a massive attack against a French city and resulted in little territorial gain with great causalities?
a) Glorious Revolution
b) Battle of Verdun
c) Opium War
d) D-Day

What key event caused the United States to enter World War I?
a) Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii
b) the dropping of the atomic bomb in Japan
c) the assassination of President Woodrow Wilson
d) the sinking of the American and British ship, the Lusitania

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