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In Don’t Escape, what must be done with the potion?
a) Take it to the head
b) Pour half on the meat, and drink the other half
c) Pour it on the floor so we can slip and fall to kill the inner wolf
d) Pour it on the meat and then eat it

In Deep Sleep, how do we get the lighthouse gem?
a) Take the blue box and unlock it with a gold key found in the room with the horse picture
b) Take the blue box and unlock it with a silver key found in the furnace
c) Take the blue box and unlock it with a gold key found on the red ventilation piping with the puddle of water
d) Throw it against the wall to open it

What year was Deep Sleep created?
a) 2015
b) 2012
c) 2013
d) 2014

What year was the Don’t Escape 2 created?
a) This year
b) Last year
c) A few years ago
d) In the early 2000s because it looks so pixelated

What makes Felicity come out to play?
a) When we open the elevator and yell, “I KNOW YOU IN HERE YOU CRAZY ******!”
b) When we move in the dark to get the screwdriver
c) When we open the elevator, turn on the flashlight, and pick up the screwdriver
d) She is already waiting ready to murder us

Why is Felicity in the attic?
a) She’s just crazy
b) She has been in the dream world for so long she lost her sanity and humanity
c) She was placed there by the shadow people
d) She has been in the dream world for so long she forgot how return to earth

When you ring the bell several times in the kitchen in the Deep Sleep series, what does it say the third time?
a) Who am I trying to summon?
b) What do I want to order?
c) Nobody’s coming
d) I don’t think I should be doing that

In Don’t Escape 2, how do we drive the pinkish car?
a) Put gas in it from the shelter
b) Plug the hose in the cop car, drain the gasoline into the gas can, and pour it into the pinkish vehicle
c) Drive the pinkish car to the gas station and fuel it up with gas
d) You can’t drive the car as the gas needs to be used for the generator by the shelter

Who made the Deep Sleep and Don’t Escape Series?
a) Scriptwriter
b) Scripthelper
c) Screwedwelder
d) Scriptwelder

What is needed to fill the potato sack in Deeper Sleep?
a) Flour
b) Stones, Dirt, and oil from a mushroom
c) Dirt, Stones, and wasted Flour
d) Dirt, Stones, and wasted Flower

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