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What is the most important function of lipids in the body?
a) speeds up heart rate
b) Efficient energy source because of long term energy
c) makes amino acids
d) helps regulate body temperature

What are all lipids insoluble in?
a) water
b) ether
c) benzene
d) chloroform

What are the major lipids in the body called?
a) Triglycerides
b) protein
c) amino acids
d) carbohydrates

What are triglycerides made of?
a) 2 fatty acids and a molecule
b) 2 hydrogens and a water
c) 3 fatty acids and a molecule
d) 4 fatty acids and a molecule

Which of these is considered to be a type of lipid?
a) fatty acids
b) steroids
c) triacylglycerols
d) all of the above

What are examples of lipids obtained from animal sources?
a) corn
b) beans
c) solids such as butter
d) lettuce

Which term is NOT used to describe fatty acids?
a) saturated
b) polyunsaturated
c) monounsaturated
d) they are all used

What serves as a effective insulator and help maintain body temperature?
a) proteins
b) amino acids
c) nuclearic acids
d) lipids

Synthesis of fatty acid takes place when?
a) fatty acid are plentiful
b) carbohydrate is plentiful
c) carbohydrate and energy are plentiful
d) none of these

Fatty acid synthesis takes place in?
a) mitochondria
b) cell membrane
c) cytosol
d) endoplasmic reticulum

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