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What is the first step when changing a table saw blade?
a) Disconnect the saw from the power source
b) Raise the arbor
c) Remove the throat plate
d) Remove the old blade

What is the first task that must be performed when changing the spindle speed on a drill press?
a) Unplug the machine
b) Loosen belt tension
c) Remove drill bit
d) Open the pulley safety guard

The speed control switch on a dual speed drill limits the ______ of the bit.
a) Rotational speed
b) Torque ratio
c) Torsional force
d) Direction of rotation

The collet and collet nut on a rotary tool perform the same ask as a ____ on a power drill or drill press.
a) Chuck
b) Clutch
c) Depth stop
d) Tensioner

What is the smallest blade that can fit in a 7-1/4 inch circular saw?
a) 7-1/4 inch
b) 3-3/8 inch
c) 5-1/4 inch
d) 6-1/2 inch

Which of the following acts as a backstop on a bench grinder?
a) Work piece rest
b) Debris shield
c) Wheel guard
d) Arbor

To drill into a work piece, the directional switch must in what position?
a) Far left
b) Far right
c) Center

The blade of a reciprocating saw is not designed to effectively perform which of the following applications?
a) Cutting a round hole
b) Cutting pipe to length
c) Removing joists
d) Pocket cutting drywall

Which wheel type should be used with an angle grinder when removing surface rust on a large work piece?
a) Crimped wire wheel
b) Flex wheel
c) Flap disk
d) Knotted wire wheel

Which of the following hand held sander types is the most aggressive?
a) Belt sander
b) Random orbit sander
c) Vibratory sander
d) Orbital sander

Which part of a drill press supports the work piece?
a) Table
b) Feed control
c) Belt
d) Depth stop

Which part of a drill press determines the spindle speed?
a) Belt
b) Feed control
c) Table
d) Depth stop

Which part of a drill press controls the rate of vertical movement of the bit?
a) Feed control
b) Belt
c) Table
d) Depth stop

What protects the operator from the cutting edge of a jigsaw blade?
a) Guard
b) Clamp
c) Guide
d) Shoe

Which rotary toll mandrel should be used for polishing disks?
a) Threaded
b) Screw-top
c) Drum
d) Spring lock

Which part of a drill press controls the distance a bit can travel?
a) Depth stop
b) Feed control
c) Belt
d) Table

Which of the following features is not available on a consumer grade jigsaw?
a) 36 amp motor
b) Keyless blade clamp
c) Oscillating blade
d) Reversible shoe

Which sander is appropriate to use when leveling hard surfaces?
a) Belt sander
b) Orbital sander
c) Vibratory sander

Which sander is most appropriate to use for light sanding detail?
a) Orbital sander
b) Belt sander
c) Vibratory sander

Which sander is most appropriate when smoothing shallow imperfections?
a) Vibratory sander
b) Orbital sander
c) Belt sander

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