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If an organism is made of one cell, what would we call it?
a) unicellular
b) multicellular
c) asexual
d) prokaryotic

Thermophiles can live in super hot places, their cells don't have a nucleus, and are unicellular. What kingdom should it belong in?
a) Archaebacteria
b) Eubacteria
c) Protists
d) Fungi

There's a type of mushroom that gets its energy by decomposing nutrients from other organisms. It's multicellular and eukaryotic. What kingdom should they put be into?
a) Fungi
b) eubacteria
c) Archaebacteria
d) Animals

If an organism is made of cells that HAVE a nucleus, what are they called?
a) Eukaryotes
b) Prokaryotes
c) Fungi
d) Plants

Which of the following is NOT one of the six kingdoms?
a) Eukaryotes
b) Eubacteria
c) Protists
d) Fungi

You just found an organism that is multicellular, eukaryotic, reproduces both sexually and asexually, and makes its own food using energy from the sun. Which kingdom should it probably go in?
a) Plantae
b) Animals
c) Archaebacteria
d) Eubacteria

If an organism can make its own food, what is it called?
a) autotroph
b) heterotroph
c) asexual
d) sexual

You found an organism that is unicellular, eukaryotic, reproduces asexually, and can make its own food. Which kingdom should it probably go into?
a) Protists
b) Animals
c) Archaebacteria
d) Eubacteria

What's the main difference between eubacteria and archaebacteria?
a) archaebacteria are only found in super hot/super cold places, and eubacteria are found in common places
b) Eubacteria reproduce sexually and archaebacteria reproduce asexually
c) Eubacteria are autotrophs and archaebacteria are heterotrophs
d) Eubacteria are multicellular and archaebacteria are unicellular.

What are the two simplest kingdoms?
a) Archabacteria and eubacteria
b) protists and plants
c) plants and animals
d) fungi and eubacteria

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