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How does the narrator's point of view in a play influence the way the events in the passage are described?
a) The narrator talks only about the setting.
b) The narrator reports the actions of the characters
c) The narrator doesn't express much
d) The narrator is silent.

What does the idiom bitten off more than you can chew mean?
a) to much in your mouth
b) happy
c) more than you can handle
d) very upset

What is the theme of this phrase-- two sisters didn't like each other very much. One day they both realized that one was failing math and the other reading. They decided to help each other. They both ended up doing good in their class.
a) both sisters passed their class
b) they like each other
c) they are nice to each other now
d) two heads are better than one.

What other features does a poem have other than short lines and rhyme?
a) has characters that are mainly animals
b) the setting is always in a beautiful place
c) the language appeals to the senses
d) it is not very long.

What does in charge mean
a) having responsibility over someone or something
b) running toward something
c) going in some place
d) being on top of the world

What is a good way to help you remember details from a story?
a) ask a friend
b) read quickly
c) read it over and over again
d) making an outline

What is the meaning of option in this sentence-- It is your option to go with us or stay at home.
a) vision
b) way
c) choice
d) talking

What does the word opponent mean?
a) on another team
b) coach
c) on the same team
d) a friend

What does rough mean in this sentence- He has taken a rough measurement of the floor.
a) hard to measure
b) not exact or detailed but broadly correct.
c) a measurement that is not smooth
d) an exact measurement.

What is the theme of this short story--- Michael Jordan was told over and over in high school that he couldn't play ball. He never stopped trying and worked even harder to prove himself.
a) never give up
b) two heads are better than one.
c) listen to others
d) be happy

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