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Which country is the second largest in the world in land area?
a) Alaska
b) Russia
c) Canada
d) United States

Which statement is true about where people in Canada live?
a) They mostly live in rural areas.
b) Most people live in the Toronto area.
c) They live north of Ontario and Quebec.
d) Most Canadians live within 100 miles of the U.S. border.

What climate feature keeps most Canadians living in the southern part of their country
a) The south has over 100 inches of rain a year.
b) The south has over 100 inches of snow a year.
c) The north has very little precipitation each year.
d) The north has very cold winters and cool summers.

The humid continental climate that covers a large part of Canada helps the country with which type of business
a) fishing
b) mining
c) farming
d) shipping

Which are important natural resources of Canada?
a) coal, oil, water
b) oil, timber, workers
c) fish, timber, railroads
d) highways, natural gas, wildlife

Why do Canadians live all across their large country?
a) They do not like living so close to one another.
b) Many of their natural resources are in remote areas.
c) Cities have most of the natural resources they need to live.
d) Natural resources of Canada are mostly within 100 miles of the U.S. border.

Which condition makes it easy for Canada to trade with the United States?
a) The countries share a border over 3,000 miles long.
b) Canada has easy access to seven major ports on three oceans.
c) The countries have abundant natural resources and a long growing season.
d) Canada has many natural resources and goods that are not available in the United States.

Which geophysical area is most important to help businesses in central Canada move goods to countries in Europe?
a) the Canadian Shield
b) the Rocky Mountains
c) the ports on the Pacific Ocean
d) the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway

Canada has to work with the United States to solve the problem of acid rain because the United States
a) is the source of much of Canada’s air pollution.
b) purchases many of the goods that Canada produces in its factories.
c) has reduced the amount of acid rain and understands how to solve the problem.
d) is careful to keep air pollution from leaving the United States and entering Canada.

The first Canadian-American plan to clean the Great Lakes was to reduce
a) detergent
b) fertilizer
c) pesticide
d) phosphorus

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