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What is a solar eclipse?
a) When the Earth is in shadow
b) When the sun is in shadow
c) When the moon is in shadow
d) at night

Why does the moon appear to us differently throughout a month?
a) It has shadows on it
b) It is revolving around Earth
c) It rotates
d) It is self-luminous

What are comets made of?
a) rock
b) ice
c) dust
d) ice and dust

How are the outer planets different from the inner planets?
a) They are terrestrial.
b) They are smaller.
c) They are gas giants.
d) They have more gravity.

What type of rays do we receive from the sun during July in the Northern Western hemisphere?
a) indirect
b) direct
c) random
d) direct only during daylight hours

When do we see very long shadows of ourselves?
a) early morning
b) noon
c) right after school
d) 11:00 pm

Does the sun set?
a) yes
b) no
c) We aren't sure.
d) only during the summer

Why does Earth have seasons?
a) its orbit
b) its rotation
c) its axis
d) its gravity

Why does Earth have day and night?
a) It orbits the sun.
b) It revolves on its axis
c) It rotates on its axis.
d) The Sun's gravity

Where is the asteroid belt?
a) between Mercury and Venus
b) between Venus and Earth
c) Between Mars and Jupiter
d) Between Saturn and Neptune

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