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Which of the following is the best characteristic to use to classify cars?
a) Model or kind
b) Color
c) Shape
d) Number of wheels

What were early classification schemes based on?
a) Observation
b) Dissection
c) Hypothesis
d) Behavior

Which of the following pairs of characteristics would be best in a classification system for identifying different kinds of birds?
a) Webbed feet or no webbed feet
b) Flies or swims
c) Webbed feet or sharp pointy beak
d) Brown or black

How many choices does a dichotomous classification key usually give for each characteristic?
a) Two
b) One
c) Three
d) Four

What do classification systems describe?
a) Observable patterns in nature
b) Living things
c) Non-living things
d) Groups of unrelated things

How has classification helped science knowledge advance? Classification
a) Helps understand the characteristics of different organisms
b) Puts things in groups based on their environments
c) Shows how the atomic structure of matter is organized
d) Provides a way to group organisms together by adaptations

Bacteria are
a) Prokaryotic
b) Eukaryotic
c) Multicellular
d) Animals

Which kingdom is mostly unicellular, eukaryotic, and has traits that are similar to both plants and animals (but is neither)?
a) Protista
b) Fungi
c) Animalia
d) Plantae

Extremophiles are
a) Archaea
b) Bacteria
c) Animalia
d) Protista

The science of describing, classifying, and naming organisms is
a) Taxonomy
b) Classification
c) Life Science
d) Organization

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