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3 Which of the following statements about organic compounds is correct?
a) A Organic compounds contain only carbon.
b) B Organic compounds must contain hydrogen.
c) C Organic compounds cannot contain any carbon.
d) D Organic compound

7 Which of the following statements is true of the nitrogen cycle?
a) Plants use nitrogen to make carbohydrates.
b) Nitrogen is produced during photosynthesis.
c) Condensation plays a major role in the nitrogen cycle
d) Nitrogen is released as dead plants and animals decompose.

2 A student learns that gasoline contains organic compounds. Which element is present in every organic compound?
a) A carbon
b) B hydrogen
c) C nitrogen
d) D oxygen

18. Microscopic decomposers found everywhere are called ____________________________________.
a) fungi
b) cells
c) bacteria
d) atoms

1 Compounds are formed from the combination of two or more elements. Some compounds are inorganic, while other compounds are organic. Which of the following compounds is an organic compound?
a) A hydrogen chloride (HCl)
b) B sodium chloride (NaCl)
c) C methane (CH4)
d) D water (H2O)

4 Which of the following is not an organic compound?
a) sugar
b) starch
c) water
d) protein

5 Most molecules that contain carbon are-
a) gases
b) organic elements
c) inorganic compounds
d) organic compounds

1. All matter has ____________________________________ and ______________________________________.
a) Mass and cells
b) Mass and volume
c) weight and area
d) cells and volume

4. Organic compounds contain the element
a) Oxygen
b) Water
c) Carbon
d) Air

Which decomposers are the most abundant?
a) fungi
b) bacteria
c) mold
d) insects

a) regulates all cell activity / brain
b) produce energy / Brain
c) produce energy / powerhouse
d) controls the cell/ powerhouse

25. If you wanted to start a mini compost bin in the classroom, what glassware have we used before that we could conserve, or recycle, and use again to hold the waste and observe?
a) beaker
b) triple bean balance
c) erlenmeyer flask
d) graduated cyclinder

26. If you start a compost bin and you wanted to study the relationship between bacteria, a decomposer, and temperature, how would you write the problem statement on your lab?
a) If the decomposer, bacteria are present in the compost bin, then it will cause the temperature in to rise.
b) Does the decomposer, bacteria, cause the compost bin to decompose faster?
c) Does the decomposer, bacteria, cause the temperature in the compost bin to rise?
d) If decomposer, bacteria, are present in the compost then compost bin will decompose faster?

29. A good hypothesis is always written in an “______________, ___________________” statement.
a) If ...., then ....
b) I predict .... will occur
c) I think ...., then
d) I predict ... then

30. If a hypothesis is proven true or false, a good scientist must always explain __________.
a) who
b) what
c) when
d) why

a) produce energy / powerhouse
b) controls the cell/ Brain
c) produce energy / Brain
d) controls the cell/ powerhouse

8 Water is broken down into oxygen and hydrogen during the process of –

a) photosynthesis
b) respiration
c) exhalation
d) decomposition

4 A science teacher is planning a descriptive investigation for his seventh-grade science class. The students’ assignment is to observe and describe the behavior of ants gathering food for an ant colony. What combination of equipment and
a) DVD copy of Antz, the animated film; note book; pen; paper
b) hand lens, food, pencil, notebook, video recorder, and ant form with clear sides
c) Internet Web site describing the feeding habits of ants in captivity, notebook, pencil, printer
d) ant hill in the schoolyard, insect net and jar, pencil, notebook, sound recorder

5 A student must report the average height of girls and the average weight of boys in her seventh grade class. Which step will allow her to make observation that will collect data needed for her descriptive investigation?
a) measure the height of each girl in her class and weight of each boy in her class
b) interview each student in her class and ask him or her to state his or her height and weight
c) measure the height of an average-height girl in the class and the weight of an average-weight boy in her class
d) research the Internet to determine the average height of seventh grade girls and average weight of seventh grade boys

6 You are assigned to name organisms that live beneath a large rock. What question should you ask for his descriptive investigation?
a) Do earth worms live beneath rocks?
b) What organisms live beneath rocks?
c) How do beetles dig holes beneath rocks?
d) Do insects prefer living beneath rocks or under decaying logs?

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