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Triangles on a line represnt which type of front?
a) warm fronts
b) occluded fronts
c) stationary fronts
d) cold fronts

Both thunderstorms and tornadoes can form from which cloud type?
a) high alotcumulus clouds
b) large cumulonimbus clouds
c) high cirrocumulus clouds
d) low nimbostratus clouds

Which of the follow clouds form at high atitudes and have a thin, feathery, wispy apperance?
a) cirrus
b) cumulus
c) stratus
d) cumulonimbus

Which of the following is the LEAST safe place to be during tornando?
a) basement
b) attic
c) interior, windowless room
d) storm cellar

Which type of clouds are fluffy like piles of cotton?
a) cirrus
b) cumulus
c) stratus
d) nimbostratus

Which type of clouds are flat, layered, and cover much of the sky?
a) cirrus
b) cumulus
c) stratus
d) cumulonimbus

Isobars are lines on a map joining places that have the same
a) wind speed
b) temperature
c) humidity
d) air pressure

Where do hurricanes typically form?
a) over cold ocean water
b) over tropical rain forest
c) over warm ocean water
d) over dry land

Which of the following is the best description of they eye of a hurricane?
a) High winds
b) Dense cloud coverage
c) Calm
d) stormy

Tornando Alley is located in which of the following states?
a) Pennsylvania and Illinois
b) New York and California
c) Arizona and Texas
d) Texas and Kansas

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