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The word processing feature that allows you to find words with similar meanings (synonyms) for the text within a document is
a) Thesaurus
b) Spell Check
c) Grammar Check
d) Page Layout

Application software that is used to create text documents such as letters, memos, and reports is
a) Word Wrap
b) Page Layout
c) Word Processing
d) Left Align

The page orientation in which the height of the page is greater than the width is
a) Landscape
b) Portrait
c) Right Align
d) Justified

The word processing feature that places text or graphics that have been cut or copied in a new location within a document is:
a) Paste
b) Cut
c) Copy
d) Clipboard

What is line spacing?
a) The spacing in your margins.
b) The spacing between lines of text within your document.
c) The spacing between letters.
d) The spacing between paragraphs only

The direction in which you can print on a page (portrait or landscape):
a) Orientation
b) Page Layout
c) Margins
d) Alignment

Shows the filename of a document
a) Scroll Bar
b) Menu Bar
c) Spell Check
d) Title Bar

When no blank lines are left between lines of text; striking the Enter key 1 time
a) Double Space
b) Single Space
c) Triple Space
d) Quadruple Space

The blank space at the top, bottom, left, and right of a document where you cannot type
a) Margin
b) Scroll Bar
c) Title Bar
d) Vertical Centering

Three blank lines are left between lines of tex
a) Single Space
b) Double Space
c) Triple Space
d) Quadruple Space

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