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Which of these was a reason for the collapse of the American economy which led to the Great Depression?
a) Foreign governments began to boycott American-made goods.
b) Government control of the economy led to severe inflation.
c) Taxes were too high to support unemployment claims and social security payments.
d) The boom of the 1920's rested on a weak foundation since the prosperity was not enjoyed by all economic groups.

This photograph of a slum was taken in 1935. These slums were nicknamed after the U.S. President who was often blamed for the economic plight of the country during that period. Who was that President?
a) Harry Truman
b) Herbert Hoover
c) Calvin Coolidge
d) Warren G Harding

Overproduction in industry and agriculture, war debts, and the stock market crash were all causes of
a) World War II
b) the Dust Bowl
c) the Great Depression
d) the Smoot Hawley Tariff

The rapid change in the percentage of unemployed people in the United States from 1927 to 1932 reflects changes caused by
a) World War I
b) the New Deal
c) World War II
d) the Great Depression

Which of these had the MOST significant impact on the crash of the stock market in the United States in 1929?
a) overproduction of consumer goods
b) underproduction by American farmers
c) currency deflation in the United States economy
d) the refusal of banks to invest in new businesses

In 1935, the elderly, physically disabled, and orphans began receiving government benefits following the passage of the
a) Welfare Act
b) Medicare Act
c) Medicaid Act
d) Social Security Act

The Neutrality Acts (1936-1939) held that the United States
a) would stay out of World War I.
b) would try to prevent a war in Europe.
c) would stay out of European discussions to contain Hitler.
d) would not sell war material nor give loans to any nation at war.

Which of these New Deal programs would have had the largest impact on rural electrification during the 1930s?
a) The Social Security Act (SSA)
b) The National Recovery Act (NRA)
c) The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
d) The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), NRA (National Recovery Administration) , and CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) were created in the early 1930s and are MOST associated with the
a) New Deal
b) Populist Era
c) Progressive Era
d) Prohibition Era

27) The purpose of the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) was
a) to insure bank deposits in the United States.
b) to provide job opportunities in national parks.
c) to reduce farm surpluses and raise agricultural profits.
d) provide electrical power to an underdeveloped region of the U.S.

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