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Hitler was confident that the Western states who had signed the Treaty of Versailles would...
a) not use force to maintain it
b) mobilize their military to enforce it
c) be concerned about Italy's expansion in Africa
d) fear Germany more than Stalin

Which modern day confluct shares similarities to the causes of WWI?
a) The Baltimore Riots
b) The Ukraine Crisis
c) The Holocaust
d) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

When did the United States enter WWI?
a) 1914
b) 1917
c) 1919
d) 1910

Who gave The Hun Speech and the A Place in the Sun Speech?
a) Otto Von Bismark
b) Winston Churchill
c) Kaiser Whilhelm
d) David Lloyd George

Who manipulated the political system after Lenin's death to assume complete power of the government?
a) Stalin
b) Karensky
c) Trotsky
d) Lenin's Ghost!

In the Middle East, a British officer known as ______ of Arabia urged Arab princes to revolt against their Ottoman rulers.
a) Dean Lockwood
b) Gavrillo
c) Charles
d) Lawrence

The stalemated opposing defense system of trenches and barbed wire inside France was the war's Western _______.
a) Trench
b) Front
c) Line
d) Standoff

The Ottoman Empire came into the war in August, 1914, on who's side?
a) The Allies
b) The Triple Entente
c) The Triple Alliance
d) The Entene Cordiale

Which word best describes a military draft?
a) mobilization
b) militarism
c) conscription
d) Germany

Which word best describes aggressive preparation for war?
a) draft
b) militarism
c) conscription
d) mobilization

Which word best describes readying troops and supplies for war?
a) Mobilization
b) Militarism
c) Total War
d) War of Attrition

What is trench warfare?
a) warfare based on the wearing down of opponents
b) huge German airships
c) complete mobilization of resources and people
d) warfare based on protected lines of ditches

Which word best describes ideas spread to influence public opinion?
a) Propaganda
b) Total War
c) War of Attrition
d) High School Gossip

What is a zepplin?
a) A type of tank
b) An airship
c) A new type of automatic gun used in WWI
d) Zepplin? Like that old rock band?

What is a war of attrition?
a) Complete mobilization of resources and people
b) Another name for genocide
c) A war based on the spread of propaganda
d) Warfare based on wearing down opponents

Who was the Red Army's commisar?
a) Trotsky
b) Lenin
c) Stalin
d) Karensky

Who assumed control of communist Russia after the October Revolution?
a) Stalin
b) Lenin
c) Putin
d) Katelyn Oram

What was the Duma?
a) a type of Russian fish
b) A representative council of workers and soldiers
c) The title for the elected official of Russia
d) Russian legislative body in 1917

Which word best describes representative councils of workers and soldiers?
a) The legistlative body of workers
b) The League of Nations
c) soviets
d) teachers unions

Which side lost WWI?
a) The Allies
b) The Triple Alliance
c) The Axis Powers
d) The Triple Entente

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