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The fear of THIS lead some leaders to pursue war in 1914.
a) Nazis
b) Snakes
c) Revolution
d) Nationalism

Gavrilo Princip, who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand, was a terrorist from what country?
a) Germany
b) The United States
c) Serbia
d) Yugoslavia

Which country came to the 1919 peace talked prepare to help Germany?
a) Great Britain
b) France
c) Italy
d) No country helped Germany

Which areas had successful communist revolutions?
a) Russia
b) Berlin and Moscow
c) The Winter Palace and Munich
d) Berlin and Munich

Which of the following points was most important to Woodrow Wilson at the Paris Peace Talks?
a) The Treaty of Versailles
b) The War Guilt Clause
c) The League of Nations
d) Peace, Land, and Bread

Which countries were a part of the Triple Alliance?
a) Serbia, Germany, and Britain
b) Italy, Serbia, and France
c) Germany, Italy, and Russia
d) Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy

Which of the following is not considered a major cause of WWI?
a) the growth of nationalsim
b) the alliance system
c) impressionsim
d) imperialism

Austria Hungary feared that Serbia would...
a) kill their top officials
b) invade Russia
c) invade Germany
d) create a large Slavic state

Germany viewed the Russian Czar's full mobilization of the army as an...
a) act of support for Austria-Hungary
b) act of kindness in a brutal war
c) act of war
d) act of bad judgement

The German military plan devised by General con Schlieffen
a) called for a war on two fronts
b) relied on carpet-bombing
c) depended on help from Serbia
d) depended on French neutrality

To maintain high morale and maintain support for the war among their citizens
a) only the authoritarian regimes used propaganda
b) only the authoritarian powers allowed peace rallies
c) the democratic states used propaganda
d) the democratic states never resorted to exaggeration

Air warfare in WWI involved all of the following EXCEPT
a) the first long range missiles
b) spotting enemy positions
c) attacking ground targets
d) shooting down enemy aircraft

The United States entered the war largely over the issue of...
a) Serbian independence
b) trench warfare
c) German use of zeppelins
d) unrestricted submarine warfare

Kerensky's provisional government made the fatal mistake of deciding to
a) continue the war
b) sign a peace treaty with Germany
c) assassinate the czar
d) continue the 300 year old Romanov dynasty

American president Wilson argued at the Paris Peace conference most strongly for
a) forgiving Germany
b) restoration of Russia's czar to end communism
c) a League of Nations to prevent future wars
d) the outright annexation of territories by the Allies

Under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was forced to do all of the following EXCEPT
a) return Alsace and Lorraine to France
b) give up land to a new Polish state
c) pay for war damage
d) run Italy as a mandate

After German emperor William II fled the country in 1918, Germany formed a ...
a) communist soviet
b) democratic republic
c) constitutional monarchy
d) military dictatorship

Hitler inaccurately associated the concept of an Aryan race with all of the following groups EXCEPT
a) ancient Greeks and Romans
b) Germans
c) Scandanavians
d) Jews

Hitler ended Germany's economic woes, unemployment, and the depression by
a) putting women to work in factories
b) passing the Nuremberg Laws
c) deficit spending and a rearmament program
d) building more churches and universities

Hitler's political theories were base don all the following EXCEPT
a) anti- semitism
b) social darwinsim
c) german communism
d) german nationalsim

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