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Which amendment defines citizenship, equal protection and due process for the states?
a) 1
b) 5
c) 14
d) 16

Who nominates candidates for public office?
a) political parties
b) voters
c) Congress
d) states

Rising campaign costs has given more influence to who?
a) voters
b) Interest groups
c) political parties
d) Congress

What type of elections attract the greatest voter turnout?
a) House of Representatives
b) Local
c) State
d) Presidential

Which type of political parties introduce new ideas and issues?
a) Third Parties
b) Republicans
c) Democrats
d) Independents

What is the purpose of PACs?
a) Evaluate campaign commericails
b) Nominate candidates for office
c) Provide campaign funding
d) Vote for a particular issue

Where do political parties differ?
a) appealing to the center
b) monitoring office holders
c) educating the electorate
d) in their platforms

How many days before an election must you register to vote?
a) 29
b) 22
c) 14
d) day of election

Which of the following is NOT a qualification to register to vote?
a) 18 years old
b) natural born citizen
c) not a felon
d) resident of Virginia

Who elects the President and Vice President?
a) executive agencies
b) Congress
c) voters
d) Electoral College

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