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Which of the following served as major motivations for European expansion?
a) Discover trade routes that would make them rich
b) Spread Christianity to other cultures
c) Bring recognition to themselves, their country, and their king
d) All of the above

During the 1760s, he explored the Pacific Ocean and claimed Australia for Great Britain which later became a penal colony. Which explorer is being described?
a) Ferdinand Magellan
b) James Cook
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Samuel de Champlain

From 1405 to 1433, he led seven voyages exploring the Indian Sea for China. He returned with tributes (treasures) for the emperor. After he died, China withdrew into isolationism.
a) Vasco de Gama
b) Zheng He
c) Ferdinand Magellan
d) James Cook

Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who sailed for Spain. What was his greatest contribution? He was the first to…
a) sail around the horn of Africa.
b) explore Great Lakes area.
c) circumnavigate the world.
d) discover the Caribbean islands.

As a result of Columbus’s discover, there was a new trade of raw materials, people, ideas, religion, products, and diseases between the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere. This is known as:
a) the Columbian Exchange
b) circumnavigation
c) the Conquistadors
d) Spanish Conquest

In 1608, the French explorer, ____________________, explored the Great Lakes and established the colony of Quebec.
a) Ferdinand Magellan
b) Samuel de Champlain
c) James Cook
d) Vasco de Gama

________________________ allowed navigators to determine their position on the high seas using the location of the sun and the stars.
a) cartography
b) a magnetic compass
c) the astrolabe
d) all of the above

In 1519, Conquistadors arrived in Tenochtitlan. The Spanish saw the Aztec wealth and wanted it for themselves. By 1521, they had destroyed Tenochtitlan and ended the Aztec Empire. What is the best match for the word CONQUISTADOR?
a) diplomats
b) sailors
c) merchants
d) conquerors

The exchange of slaves between Africa and the Americas during the 1400-1800s is referred to as:
a) African-American Slave Trade
b) Transatlantic Slave Trade
c) American Slave Trade
d) European Slave Trade

The European explorer that was the first to sail around the horn of Africa was:
a) Vasco de Gama
b) James Cook
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Zheng He

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