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Which planet has the most moons?
a) Saturn
b) Pluto
c) Earth
d) Jupiter

What is a herbicide?
a) a drink
b) a weed killer
c) a game
d) a dance

Why is it called Dead Sea?
a) it is so salty no fish can live there
b) there is a whirlpool there
c) there are piranhas there
d) no one goes there

what is a Quahog?
a) a dog
b) a fish
c) a clam
d) IDK

where are red blood cells made?
a) Heart
b) brain
c) spine
d) Bone marrow

which element is found in every living thing?
a) Oxygen
b) Helium
c) Carbon
d) Mercery

Which member of the camal family has no hump?
a) alpaca
b) llama
c) camal
d) all of the above

Which movements of the sea are called spring and neap?
a) Tides
b) Waves
c) Ripples
d) rise and fall

What is the most common name for the brown bear?
a) Koala
b) Polar bear
c) Grizzley bear
d) none of the above

The tounge detects four basic tastes what are they?
a) Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salt
b) Suger, Candy, Chips, Cake
c) Fast Foods, Take out, Frozen Pizza, Hot cheetos
d) Everything

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